Top End Wedding Movie Review: This Amazon Prime Video Film is Fluff Bluff

Top End Wedding Movie Review: This Amazon Prime Video Film is Fluff Bluff

Top End Wedding Movie Review: The writing is puerile and the first draft is plain daft

Rating: * ½ (one and a half stars)

This Australian rom-com about an aboriginal Australian woman Lauren (Miranda Tapsell) who travels home with her boyfriend for their wedding, only to realize her mother has run away, is so short of real laughs and so self-consciously culturalist, it is like a showcase for aboriginal wedding traditions and rituals stretched unnecessarily into a conventional rom-com. The writing is so puerile it conveyed the daftness of the first draft. Eager to pile on the crises, the hero loses his job, the heroine decides to rush their wedding and they discover her Mom missing when they reach home, all within the first half-hour. The rest of the film meanders like a directionless travelogue, taking in the sights and sounds of Darwin in Australia with a vigour clearly lacking in the main plot.

Top End Wedding

Somewhere towards the finale, it is infuriatingly predictable to see the couple halt their touristic travel plans to bicker over a non-issue. There is a forced estrangement and a quick airport reunion and then comes what I suspect to be the crux…the elaborate aboriginal wedding in Tiwi which is filmed with the diligent focus of a National Geographic feature. I wish the rest of this utterly vapid rom-com showed even a semblance of genuineness in its writing. Except for Gwylm Lee (whom I remember as the Queen guitarist Brian May being better than Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody) who induces a disarming sincerity to the part of a soon-to-be husband who quickly realizes his wife’s family is distinctly weird. He is okay with that. So who are we to complain?

After Lauren’s mother leaves her father, the father spends his time locked in a closet, weeping and listening to the 1970s  band Chicago singing, ‘Baby Please Don’t Go.’ This is just about the funniest situation you will get in a film about a wedding that puts you off cross-cultural weddings for at least some time.

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