Top 5 Telugu Films on Streaming Platforms

Top 5 Telugu Films on Streaming Platforms

Here the best Telugu films to watch on OTT platforms

Telugu cinema  in recent years has grown by leaps and bounds. Andhra’s cinematic excellence  doesn’t begin and end  with Baahubali. Here are  the other 5 Telugu films which matter.

1. Goodachari(Amazon Prime Video):

Goodachari takes the spy genre to another level. This is the dark unplumbed  world  of espionage  brought to the screen many times with various degrees of success.For once, Goodachari gets it right. I can’t remember the last time I  saw a truly satisfying and  complete spy film where all the loose ends  tied  up effortlessly at the end. Like a box used to gift-wrap a present  that has too many protrusions  spy films in India tend  to be all over the place.Here, there is fluency and virility to the  narrative that  is  neither borrowed not strained. Original and provocative , Goodachari is  that rare espionage drama where  all the  incidents and characters  remain  true to character,   even when  they are exposed to be leading  double lives.

There  is a vibrant fulsome ring to  the  narration(no doubt  aggrandized by  the harmonized  background score by Shricharan Pakala and  the constantly probing yet non-judgmental cinematography by Shaneil Deo) as  though the  director is so sure of  his characters that he allows them to act  out of  character without the risk of courting illogicality. Standing tall  over the  remarkably hectic  plot is  leading man Adivi Shesh. Sinewy and  dexterous he  makes the  protagonist’s search for  his identity a far greater voyage than  the personal. I can’t wait for Goodchari to come  back to screen. He is no Ethan Hawke. But that doesn’t make his mission any less impossible.

2. Arjun Reddy(Amazon Prime Video):

This Telugu game-changer did to cinema in Andhra what Baahubali did to the costume-drama genre in Indian cinema.A startling jolting take on Devdas its leading man  played with insouciant intrepidity by Vijay Deverekonda, was an arrogant drugged doped borderline misogynist .But guess what! Arjun Reddy is also a brilliant surgeon. Director  Sandeep Reddy Vanga's narrative seesaws between arrogant brilliance and lurching experimentation  creating a protagonist a film that  is  impossible to forget, let alone ignore.

3. Maharshi(Amazon Prime Video):

It takes a whole universe of guts to shoulder one's responsibilities as an empowered citizen of India, as Mahesh Babu has done in this film.If you stay quiet you are accused of pacifism. If you speak up you're an exhibitionist. Mahesh Babu who is a formidable icon in Telugu cinema, won't remain quiet anymore. Breaking free of his innate political reservations he speaks out in favor of farmers of our impoverished country in a voice that never strains to be heard.On the surface, Maharshi is yet another star-vehicle for Telugu cinema's most revered contemporary superstar. To be sure, almost every frame of Maharshi is dedicated to eulogizing its leading man as he plunges into the role of a social crusader. The part sits easily on Mahesh Babu. He doesn't shy away from comfortably occupying the moral high-ground that the narrative allows him.

4. Evaru(Amazon Prime  Video): 

Adivi Sesh’s   plunges into the  thriller genre once again after the fabulous Kshanam(remade into Hindi as the awful Baaghi 2) and Goodachari and  he  still succeeds beyond all expectations in  creating a whodunit that  stays a step ahead  of the audience even if you have seen  the Spanish film The  Invisible  Guest  and its  faithful Hindi remake Badla last year.Evaru makes bold departure from the original and yet remains faithful to the original content  about an unfaithful  woman. This   is a masked  treatise  on  marital  discontent gone  horribly awry. Adivi Sesh plays  the kind of seedy greedy   cop whose incongruous  suaveness  would make your blood  crawl.   In Evaru Adivi’s Vikram sees  everything. We don’t. It takes  us  time to see  what  Vikram does.  The moment  of recognition  is so stunning that the  light will blind you. Experience  the  thrill of watching  a  suspense  drama that  is at once stylish and  persuasive.

5. Geetha Govindam(Zee 5):  

Geetha Govindam is a surprisingly  low-key  libido-teaser.  It whips  up a frothy fun ambience through a chance encounter between a virginal college lecturer and  a rather stiff upper-lipped Miss Hoity-toity. That the two roles are played by Vijay Deverakonda  and Rashmika Mandanna is a dash of destiny doing its  devilish bit to add spice to this honeyed though never over-sweetened confection of  love  during times of wedding festivities and carnal urges. Besides the very likeable leading man, what I really like about Geetha Govinda is its feisty take on gender equations that are played out in this film in  a spirit of  puckish irony.

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