Top 5 Pakistani Drama OSTs in 2020 – Which Songs Made the Cut?
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Top 5 Pakistani Drama OSTs in 2020 – Which Songs Made the Cut?

Whether it’s Mirza Zain Baig’s Malaal E Yaar or Hama Ali Abbasi in Alif, these shows did not win on performances alone, but also the soundtracks holding them together

Never underestimate the power of a great Pakistani drama OST.  A great OST has the ability to pull in potential viewers while a bad OST has the ability to repel potential audiences.  I can still think back to refusing to watch “Qurban” for two months of its run on ARY – but ultimately, hearing that incredible OST repeatedly became the factor that forced me into watching it.  Likewise, a show like “Koi Chand Rakh” went haywire – but that beautiful OST is what kept viewers coming back for more.  Let’s take a look at the top 5 best OSTs of currently running shows in 2020.

1. Aas

While Aas has been having a generally quiet run on TV One, it’s OST is an absolute winner.  The song is sung by Nabeel Shaukat, a singer who is an underrated national treasure, carrying the song with his soothing vocals.  The lyrics fit the situations in the show perfectly, allowing the listener to truly “feel” the words.  This is a must listen!

2. Alif

Whether it’s the lyrics, the singing, the composition or simply just the cinematography, everything about the Alif OST contributes to why it’s such a gem of a song.  Starring Sajal Aly and Hamza Ali Abbasi in lead roles, Alif is a crowd-puller.  With meaningful lyrics dealing with an individual’s path to spirituality, Shuja Haider and Momina Mustehsan guide this song with their effortless vocals as the tempo changes gears as needed.  Of course, the show Alif is just as impactful and both the show itself and the OST will be remembered long after the show ends.

3. Malaal E Yaar

Now while Malaal E Yaar technically ended this week, the OST still deserves a spot on this list.  Starring Mirza Zain Baig and Azekah Daniel in the lead roles, the two quickly became fan favorites.  While Malaal E Yaar boasted of slightly over-the-top, insane story arcs, fans tuned in with excitement to watch Hooriya and Balaaj’s love story.  The OST is sung by Ahmed Jahanzeb and Nish Asher and stands out as a breezy, romantic song.

4. Bewafa

There are some shows that make you wonder why you’re still watching – Bewafa is one such show.  Despite the insane behavior depicted on-screen, the OST by Bewafa is sung brilliantly by Shafqat Amanat Ali.  With lyrics that cut straight through one’s heart, the Bewafa soundtrack make watching the show worth it.

5. Kahin Deep Jalay

Sometimes an OST manages to pull emotions out, whether one can relate to it or not.  The situations in Kahin Deep Jalay are over-the-top and extreme.  Yet, the OST is simply beautiful, sung by Sahir Ali Bagga, the king of tragedy, and the powerful OST is one of the factors that allow the audience to connect to the story on a level.

While shows are not always perfect, sometimes having a great OST is exactly what is needed to reach a wider audiene.  Which OST is your favorite?

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By Sophia Qureshi
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