Top 5 Dishes At Tresind

These dishes are simply drool-worthy
Top 5 Dishes At Tresind

Indian cuisine has come a long way from the usual tikkas and murgh makhnis. Of course old classics never die but new age chefs are experimenting with ingredients, spices and flavours to conjure magical recipes that make you drool. Tresind at Nassima Royal Hotel on Sheikh Zayed road has been leading the way when it comes to presenting Indian food in a new way. Chef Himanshu Saini has created a menu that celebrates traditional flavours yet provides a treat for both, the eyes and the palate. Using techniques of molecular gastronomy as well as other modern culinary tricks,  Saini uses ingredients in unique permutations and combinations that are inexplicable yet awe-inspiring and certainly delicious!

Here are our five favourite dishes

·         Modernist chaat trolley  (Dhs 150)

The humble chaat treated to a dose of liquid nitrogen to create an astounding starter.

·         Wild mushroom chai, dehydrated mushrooms, truffle milk powder (Dhs 60)

Who thought mushrooms could be presented in a teapot? With milk powder by the side? One sip and all our senses come alive.

·         Seared tenderloin steak, molcajete chimichurri chutney (Dhs 180)

Steak, pure desi style with international flavor. Who needs bland sauces when you can have a sharp chutney?

·         Deconstructed black forest cake  (Dhs 150)

‘Construct’ a whole new Dessert, deconstructed style 

·         Pan Flavoured Candy Floss

You love paan? You love candy floss?  Mix them up for a flavor that is the best way you end your meal

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