Top 10 Ways to Maintain Your Color-Treated Hair

Top 10 Ways to Maintain Your Color-Treated Hair

If you’re fresh from the salon and thrilled with your look, try these top tips for keeping those colored locks looking healthy and happy.

Well, who doesn’t like a bit of experimentation with their hair? The idea of coloring hair is not only exciting its also super fun to try out new colors and shades that complement your complexion or coordinate with the season. What's not so exciting is the responsibility that comes along while dying those beautiful tresses. The high maintenance it requires to deal with split ends, brassiness and dryness are no strangers to girls who often color-treat their hair.

1. Moisturize Your Hair


Dryness and loss of moisture is a common problem that tags along while dying the hair. The solution is to hydrate hair with leave-in conditioners, hair packs, and masks, incorporate hair oils like cold-pressed coconut oil. This much-needed hydration is great for helping hair fight back against the damage dying causes by keeping it nourished and adding moisture.

2. Cut Down On Washes

It is recommended to wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week to keep the natural oils(produced by the scalp to keep hair nourished)as well as a hair dye in place. Washing your hair every day is something you want to avoid if wanting your hair color to last longer.

3. Rinse With Cool Water


As much as we like having hot water baths for an ultimate relaxing experience, it is not so recommended for colour treated hairs. Scorching hot water strips dye out of the hair faster because it opens the surface of the hair strand. A cold water rinse is a better option and also brings extra shine to the hair.

4. Regular Trimming

Since your hair is much more prone to damage after hair coloring, Trimming your hair regularly will ensure clean ends and overall hair health. It is recommended getting your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks to prevents splits and breakage.

5. Take Care of Your Diet


Vitamin A and iron-rich diet are significantly important to ensure improved hair texture and stimulating hair growth. Iron contains protein which builds keratin and strengthens the hair while Vitamin A provides moisture to the scalp and brings shine and luster back into faded locks.

6. Avoid Heat

Try leaving your hair all-natural and avoid using frequent styling or heating machines to perk up hairstyles. Hair that’s been processed and dyed is already quite fragile, so regular heat styling can further add to this and is something that should be avoided. Especially in the summer when UV rays and heat are a factor.

7. Pool Safety


Going swimming? Well, you got to prepare your hair to face the wrath of chlorine that is inundated in swimming pools. Chlorine is a harsh chemical that can dry out your hair, leaving it dull and lifeless. There are a few ways you can avoid chlorine while in a pool.

  • Try a swimmer’s cap
  • Get your hair wet in the shower, use conditioner, and then don’t rinse it out. This will create a barrier on the hair shaft so that the chlorine won’t penetrate
  • Apply a good amount of oil before hitting the pool, which will act as a barrier between your hair and chemical-laden water.
  • Rinse your hair in the shower or one of those rinse-off stations before jumping in the pool or ocean as wet hair absorbs less chlorine.

8. Get a Dry Shampoo

To stretch out the time between washes during the week, try getting a hold on a good quality dry shampoo. These will refresh your hair and make it look like you just got a blowout without even having to wash your hair! You can also try color-tinted dry shampoos to revamp your color without having to head to the salon.

9. Use Colour Treated Friendly Shampoos and Conditioners


To begin, one of the first products that girls who color treat their hair should use is a shampoo and conditioner that’s specifically catered for colored hair. Use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for color-treated hair to help replenish moisture and prevent dullness.

10. Avoid UV-Rays

It’s been proven that direct sun exposure and UV rays can not only be harmful to the hair but also fades color. The sun naturally lightens the hair and breaks down chemical bonds that are present in hair dye, which in turn strips the hair of color and causes the dye to fade.


So these are the ten most crucial tips that should be kept in mind while taking care of your color-treated hair. There's nothing sadder than watching colored hair fade away. Luckily, now you know how to take care of colored hair, you don't have to. Here's to locks that look as rich and vibrant as the day you came out of the salon!

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