Tips on How to Eat Healthy this Ramadan

Tips on How to Eat Healthy this Ramadan

Use this helpful advice from experts to avoid weight gain!

Ramadan fasting, which is a religious obligation, is normally seen as an opportunity to detox, lose weight and adopt an overall healthy lifestyle, but more often than not, it’s the opposite that happens. Contrary to what people assume of fasting, the day long fast generally culminates into a feast, where one ends up indulging in high calorie food and in large quantities, piling up on the to the number on the weighing scale. In a study by the Nutrition Journal, nearly 2/3rd of the respondents self-reported weight gain among some or all of the family members after Ramadan.

To avoid the downsides of a long day of fast and to resist binge eating, experts from Weightmonitor UAE let you in on the importance of fasting correctly as they discuss the ideal way to break your fast. Follow these three tips to keep yourself in check this Ramadan:

Be aware of your food choices

Use fasting as a reason and opportunity to change your dietary habits and make better, more nutritious food choices. Fasting the right way can help correct weight issues by improving digestion and it also helps to prevent diseases, thus improving overall wellbeing. Experts suggest that a balanced fast for better health should include, plenty of vegetables, fruits and fluids, and modest amounts of dairy, nuts, seeds and sprouts, for the body to function effectively.

Keep these 3 ground rules in mind

- Eat less, but do not starve!

- Include plenty of fluids, water, fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet

- Increase the intake of foods with disease fighting nutrients like anti-oxidants

Break your fast intelligently

A fast should ideally be broken with a fruit or a few dry fruits, along with some fluid like Laban, fruit or vegetable soup or coconut water. After a long day of abstinence, refrain from shocking the stomach with a big meal. Go slow and eat in breaks, giving your system enough time to digest. 

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