Time to Demystify Those Fitness Myths and Misconceptions

Time to Demystify Those Fitness Myths and Misconceptions

Let’s debunk all those supposed fitness 'facts' one by one

Let’s take it like that, Fitness is a way of life. The onslaught of information hurled via range of sources when it comes to fitness dos and Don’ts can be quite irksome and confusing for the novice fitness aspirants. Not only newbies but unfortunately, the most experienced of fitness trainers can believe in a lot of “fitness-fantasies” that can create inconsistencies in workout routines. For a beginner, it is advisable to gain little knowledge so that common misconceptions can be dispelled e.g. if you want to see results in your fitness journey.

For all the newbies who are stuck at a plateau and scratching heads as to why there is no desirable progress in fitness journey, you might want to debunk few of the common workout myths.

1. Lifting weights will make you bulky

No, lifting weights will not make you look like hulk. This is a very common myth believed by women especially in desi households. If truth be told, lifting weight can actually tone you bodies because it helps in building muscles and makes you look sleek unless you have questionable nutritional habits.

2. Sit-ups are the only way to a flat stomach

You cannot crunch your way to 6-pack abs unfortunately. For a strong core, a good balance between cardiovascular exercises, diet and weight training will strengthen the complete muscle and make you look lean overall.

3. The longer the workout, the better the results

24-48 hours of rest is de-rigueur for the muscles to recover and regenerate. It’s a myth unfortunately that longer hours of workout will give you chiseled physique. The efficacy and consistency of workout is important.

4. Protein shakes and bars are great sources for weight loss

Yes it might be a convenient option to buy a protein bar and gobble on it while thinking what a great source of protein I just had. Sadly, that’s not the case. The protein bars are highly processed and just not right while trying to eat clean, instead rely on fresh foods for better results.

5. You can't gain muscle after 40

Yes age does bring hormonal changes, wear and tear but it’s still not impossible to build a toned body albeit with topped up efforts. In short, age is just a number and lets not a number dampen our spirits.

Someone said and I quote here “fitness is like a relationship, you can’t cheat and expect it to work”. So let’s stop believing in myths of yore and get on our fitness journeys with zero misconceptions.

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