Tik Tok Finds Missing Husband, Tamil Nadu Woman's Astounding Story

Tik Tok Finds Missing Husband, Tamil Nadu Woman's Astounding Story

This Tik Tok story from India will make your jaw drop about how a woman found her missing husband through a Tik Tok video!

Tik Tok is a gold mine of many things. The young and the old have found a way to express their talent through the medium. Tik Tok has also the unique ability to cut across socio-economic strata and provide a way for anyone to go 'viral' with their talent and their ability to perform for the camera.

In India, the app faced a ban and it was Madras High Court that ordered the state government to ban the downloads. However, it still provides plenty of entertainment as videos exist online and have continued to go viral.

News reports across various channels showed that a woman in Villupuram Tamil Nadu found her missing husband, Suresh, through Tik Tok.

Here's What Happened:

Jayapradha and Suresh were married and had two kids in Krishnagiri. 3 years later, Suresh left for work and never returned.

Jayapradha's Search for Her Husband:

Jayapradha searched for her husband by reporting him missing to the police. However, just recently Jayapradha's relatives found a man who looked like Suresh on TikTok and apparently he was in the video with a trans woman. 

Husband, found!

Investigations revealed that Suresh had left his family due to being discontented at home and went to Hosur where he was working as a mechanic in a tractor company. The Quint further reported that he was also in a relationship with a trans woman. Reports also say that the police has now counseled the couple and have sent them home.

Social media has proven to be a major revolution in cases such as these. More than just entertainment, the platform has changed human relationships in a major way. TikTok has been one of the revolutionary apps that have made this possible. Videos have gone viral and people have had entire careers reshaped because of their TikTok talents. 

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