Tiger Shroff Won’t Kiss on Screen Anymore. Here’s Why.
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Tiger Shroff Won’t Kiss on Screen Anymore. Here’s Why.

It has been revealed that Tiger Shroff has included a no-kiss clause in his contract for his films

Tiger Shroff is riding high. And he knows exactly what he wants from his career and life. Unlike his father  Jackie Shroff who never made big plans for his career, Tiger is meticulous to the point of being a perfectionist. From his fitness regimen to his diet to his ethics about his loved ones, Tiger is cut from a different cloth! Not hurting the sentiments of those close to him is part of his basic blueprint of life.

It has now been revealed that Tiger has decided to put a  no-kissing clause in his contract to honour the wishes of his alleged girlfriend Disha Patani. Says a source close to the Shroffs, “Like any normal possessive girlfriend Disha doesn’t like her man to do intimate scenes with his heroines. Tiger  has  therefore decided to not do kissing scenes with his co-stars.”

Looks like in Tiger we’ve another Salman Khan in the making. Salman too refuses to kiss his heroines. He thinks it is against Indian culture.

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