Tiger Shroff Reveals How He Reacted to the Student of the Year 2 Memes

Tiger Shroff is appearing in Student of the Year 2 and the trailer inspired many memes. Read his response
Tiger Shroff Reveals How He Reacted to the Student of the Year 2 Memes
Poster for Student of the Year 2

Student of the Year 2 is another acrobatic extravaganza with plenty of gorgeous looking young men and women. Brought to you by Karan Johar, this sequel promises a record number of jumps and kicks as compared to Student of the Year 1. The Internet also had plenty of memes to crack about the trailer.

How many were there though, I asked Tiger Shroff. “I have lost count,” Tiger laughs.

The Internet also had its fun with the trailer. Someone said that they should have just called it Flying Jatt 2. “That was pretty funny,” Tiger agrees. So what’s his take on how the film is all about how great he looks and the record breaking number of gymnastic moves he’s executed in a very short time? “The whole idea was we’re doing a story heavy on sports,” Tiger responds. “The Student of the Year trophy is about a sports competition. And in that I’m bringing my physicality in this film.”

What’s his character like? “He’s an underdog,” says the Heropanti actor. “He’s a happy-go-lucky guy.” Is he always macho? “He’s not a macho person until certain portions,” Tiger explains. And does he get the girl? “All I can say that is there is a love triangle,” grins the actor.

Well, we know that from the trailer. Tiger was tight-lipped about the film’s plot and the love angle so I decided to ask him about the comparisons between his character and Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra’s characters in Student of the Year 1. Is it also going to be, like Student of the Year, a musical extravaganza or, with the presence of Tiger, will we see more action sequences than ever? “My character is very different from both of them,” he replies. “But yes, it’s definitely musical. We’ve got a buffet of songs. We have a college/dance competition.” What’s his favourite? The one with Alia that is set to release next week.

The question ultimately becomes why Tiger has stuck to this genre. He’s always seen as an action hero. Is there a philosophy to this?

“My legs are still strong and fresh I’m abusing that power,” he says candidly. “It’s given me an identity. It’s given me a reach in my audience. I’m very thankful that people have taken to that talent. Having said that – there has to be a motivation behind that. There has to be a story behind whatever action I’m doing.”

His message to his fans was along the same lines. “I’m very thankful to them that they’ve taken to this talent and this reach.”

Both Varun Dhawan and Ranveer Singh, young stars who have ventured deeply into the action genre have also taken quieter, more brooding roles such as Badlapur, October and Lootera and Gully Boy. “I guess eventually,” Tiger answers. “I would look into that, yes. But I like doing the larger than life characters.”

Is there a role that he would eventually do? “I would love to do a period film like Troy. I’d love to be a part of the Dhoom franchise.”

Does Tiger take plenty of advice from his family? “Not at all,” comes another categorical answer from the Junior Shroff. “I’m very independent in terms of my career. I keep them out of my work. They just see the finished product.”

Tiger’s finished product aka Student of the Year 2 releases May 10th 2019 and also stars Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday.