Thursday Drama Round-Up: The Bad, The Good and The Ugly
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Thursday Drama Round-Up: The Bad, The Good and The Ugly

From Imran Ashraf to Bilal Abbas Khan, Thursday nights offer a wide selection of dramas. But which shows are actually making an impact?

It’s Thursday night and you want to unwind with an episode of a good Pakistani drama.  Well, you’re in luck, because there’s a handful of shows airing on Thursdays now that are either promising new shows or TRP magnets.  And while these shows may come with their share of flaws, here are the shows that viewers can choose from.

Pyar Ke Sadqay

Thursday Drama Round-Up: The Bad, The Good and The Ugly

Pyar Ke Sadqay is that “unique” show that viewers have been waiting for.  With a theme that can strike the audience as heavy in moments, the show has managed to keep the mood balanced in its first 3 episodes.  Generally overloaded with humor, Pyar Ke Sadqay stars Bilal Abbas Khan and Yumna Zaidi in leading roles and the two own the screen in each frame, making viewers fall for Mehjabeen and Abdullah’s innocence.  Mehjabeen and Abdullah are two individuals often seen as “lesser than” by those around them and strive to live their lives on their own terms.  Omair Rana and Yashma Gill also deserve a shout-out for their impactful performances.  This show is a gem so far and it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds.

Must-Watch Rating:  9

Kahin Deep Jalay

Thursday Drama Round-Up: The Bad, The Good and The Ugly

Kahin Deep Jalay is a story about a happy family that gets torn apart when a trouble-making bhabi enters the fold.  Starring popular names like Imran Ashraf, Neelum Munir, Ali Abbas, Saba Faisal and Saba Hameed, the story tends to fall on the melodramatic side at times, particularly the behavior displayed by Shameela (Nazish Jahangir).  That being said, the show also manages to show some truly nice characters (Faham played by Ali Abbas and Rida by Neelum Munir) and weaves a story that’s generally believable.  Imran Ashraf is the stand-out performer in this show, bringing the character of Zeeshan to life in a way that makes the viewer despise him.  Full of insecurity and self-loathing, Zeeshan considers himself to be a “nice guy,” but is unable to trust his wife and unable to treat her with the respect she deserves.  There are many Zeeshans out in the world – and Imran Ashraf plays this man down to perfection.

Must-Watch Rating:  7.5

Malaal E Yaar

Thursday Drama Round-Up: The Bad, The Good and The Ugly

Malaal E Yaar is a show that is aptly described as a guilty pleasure show.  It’s not particularly intelligently made; the scenarios tend to be absolutely ridiculous and there are many dimwitted characters on the show.  That being said, there’s something very likable and enjoyable about how the story plays out.  Revolving around Hooriya (Azekah Daniel) and Balaaj (Mirza Zain Baig), the show not only examines their romance, but also discusses the limitations placed on women from feudal backgrounds.  Azekah Daniel and Mirza Zain Baig’s chemistry is the highlight of the show.  The downside?  Will this show ever end?  It’s on episode 52 and still moving along!

Must-Watch Rating:  6.5


Thursday Drama Round-Up: The Bad, The Good and The Ugly

While Bewafa initially aired on Monday nights, it had to make way for Mera Dil Mera Dushman to air from Monday to Wednesday, leaving Bewafa to make the move towards a new slot on Thursday nights.  Whether the move will be beneficial for Bewafa’s TRPs, that remains to be seen.  However, what stands out about Bewafa at the moment is simply that there’s finally movement in the story.  Focused on Arhaan and Kinza’s marriage dissolving after Shireen’s entry, the show doesn’t have a “moral” to convey exactly, rather it can be seen as a “what not to do” guide.  With Arhaan (Ali Rehman Khan) aware that Shireen (Ushna Shah) is not a loyal individual, he begins to realize that Kinza (Naveen Waqar) and his mother were right about her.  Audiences will now finally (hopefully) see Arhaan and Shireen get the (bad) karma they have earned.  Is Bewafa the best choice for the night?  Definitely not.  However, it does make for an interesting binge-watch on a rainy day.

Must-Watch Rating:  5


Thursday Drama Round-Up: The Bad, The Good and The Ugly

There are a lot of problems with Ghalti.  Ghalti tells the story of Zaira (Hira Mani) and Saad (Affan Waheed), a couple in love, but facing a rocky time in their marriage due to Zaira’s in-laws.  Ghalti does not make any statement and yet says a lot – Don’t be like Zaira.  Don’t be like Saad.  Don’t be like Saad’s family.  Whatever you see in this drama, do the exact opposite.  Ghalti came with a lot of expectations off the success of Do Bol, also starring Affan Waheed and Hira Mani, but the show seems to be yet another story of how much abuse a woman can take before (finally) walking away.

Must-Watch Rating:  3

These are the shows that air on Thursdays and have managed to amass a fan following.  Pyar Ke Sadqay and Kahin Deep Jalay would be the ones worth recommending, while Malaal E Yaar is a guilty pleasure.

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