Threat of a Criminal Case Against Bigg Boss as a Female Contestant is Forcibly Kissed
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Threat of a Criminal Case Against Bigg Boss as a Female Contestant is Forcibly Kissed

Things at the house have taken a wrong turn!

The Twitterati is up in arms after shocking footage emerged that one of the contestants Shilpa Shinde was forcibly kissed on her lips by another male contestant by Akash Dadlani. Complaints have poured into the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) after it emerged that Shilpa was not forcibly kissed once but twice during the show. The channel apparently edited out the versions (one of the kisses) in the final version of the Bigg Boss episode.

You can watch one of the forcible kisses here.

A channel put out a transcript of the forcible act and it appears that the incident of the kiss happened despite Shilpa Shinde clearly making apparent that she didn't give her consent for it. Here's the transcript of the incident.

One of the strongest and highly popular contestant Shilpa Shinde was forcefully kissed by so-called rapper Akash Dadlani, not once but twice. After seeing a shocked Shilpa, Akash had the audacity to say: “Kya karegi, haan? Kya karegi? (What will you do?)” An angry and shocked Shilpa snubs him for this disgraceful action and says that she will beat him him up and slap him. She also asks him to never talk to him again.

“Bahut maar khaega, thappad khaega abhi. Mujhe nahi baat karna,” says Shilpa. But Akash takes it lightly. What’s surprising that even Puneesh was present there but decided stay shut on the matter. But Akash wasn’t done yet. He tried to kiss Shilpa again in the kitchen. Sources also said that an NGO is contemplating to file a complaint against the producers of Bigg Boss because of the incident.

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