Thora Sa Haq Episode 22: Hareem’s Intentions Towards Zamin and Sehar are Revealed
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Thora Sa Haq Episode 22: Hareem’s Intentions Towards Zamin and Sehar are Revealed

Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan’s “Thora Sa Haq” continues to bring in the ratings as Zamin is now trapped in marriages with two women, struggling to be fair to both

“Thora Sa Haq” focuses on the love triangle between Zamin, Hareem and Sehar.  While Zamin and Hareem grew up together and have always love one another, Zamin marries Sehar out of obligation and is now stuck between his two wives.  The show continues to bring in the ratings, a sure-fire hit in all regards.  However, the storyline has tethered on a thin rope from the beginning between logic and chaos.

In episode 22, the episode opens with Hareem (Mashal Khan) fighting with Sehar (Ayeza Khan) and Zamin (Imran Abbas) trying to break them up.  When Hareem tries to strangle Sehar, Zamin slaps her – and Rabia (Saba Faisal) and Munazzah (Nida Mumtaz) walk in at this exact moment.  Zamin, of course, is told off for abusing his wife and Sehar is blamed again for influencing Zamin against Hareem.  Hareem steps in and wins Zamin’s heart by declaring her love for him, apologizing for her behavior and apologizing to Zamin for making him hit her…….what?  Zamin is taken back home, leaving Sehar alone in their new home, and scolded by his mother and Rabia.  This is all very heavy and wonky, but then it’s revealed that this was Hareem’s plan all along with Munazzah helping her.  Hareem informs Rabia of this and now this trio is set to guilt-trip Zamin into leaving Sehar and staying with Hareem.  What super women these ladies are!

Of course, Hareem, who has been unproblematic and a true innocent in every way, is thrown under the bus by the writers in order to make the story…..well, “neat and tidy.”  Up until now, Zamin and Sehar’s love story has seemed forced and cast Zamin in a negative light.  How could a man mistreat his best friend since childhood, his cousin and his so-called soulmate to this extent?  How could he ignore her undying, devoted love for a woman who he was forced to marry?  How could he completely abandon Hareem and his family for Sehar when Hareem has been nothing but loyal and supportive?  Well, there had to be a way and I’ve predicted it all along – Hareem has to be evil, of course!  Everything about this episode comes across as pitiful, calculated and irritating.  In this episode, Sehar is essentially thrown back into an ugly situation, alone this time and neglected.  Why did Zamin have to leave exactly?  The way Zamin allows himself to be bullied is unfathomable, considering the man got his own job and his own home – so why does he owe these people anything?  These are all thoughts, of course, because Zamin is a mess of a character too.

There’s little to root for in this show.  I guess it’s been made neat and tidy now for viewers to understand Zamin and Sehar are the couple to root for, but the show is becoming more illogical by the day.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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