Thora Sa Haq Episode 21: Zamin and Sehar Vow To Stand By Each Other
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Thora Sa Haq Episode 21: Zamin and Sehar Vow To Stand By Each Other

Fans of Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan are in for a treat as the two actually share a substantial amount of screen space in the latest episode as the show nears its end

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“Thora Sa Haq” continues its run as a high viewership show, bringing in the TRPs each week.  That being said, the show rests on a thin story with weak, illogical characters that make the show more frustrating than enjoyable.  Starring big names like Imran Abbas, Ayeza Khan, Mashal Khan and Saba Faisal, this show was immediately set to be a sure-fire hit from the get-go.  And while the show is a success, one wishes the content were as good as the cast.  Focusing on Zamin’s love story – and marriage – with two women, Hareem and Sehar, Saba Faisal’s Rabia also plays a huge role as the meddling mother-in-law from hell.

Much of episode 21 focuses on Zamin (Imran Abbas) and Sehar’s (Ayeza Khan) love story – and thank goodness for this, because the entire story rests on the love story of this couple and we have yet to see any romance between the two.  This is actually a mild turning point for the story as at least now, viewers are able to connect to this couple that’s being shoved down our throats as Zamin repeatedly rejects Hareem (Mashal Khan), a girl who has been ridiculously loyal to him.  Anyway, as Zamin has now recovered, Zamin and Sehar head back to Karachi, promising to stand by each other from this moment onward.  In an unintentionally hilariously out-of-nowhere scene, Sehar’s Khalu hands her back all the money he took from her and apologizes to her for all the times he has mistreated her.  This is hilarious because there’s absolutely nothing that has lead up to this scene and it just further proves the point that Thora Sa Haq, as a show, isn’t really well-written and the “point” of the show is not clear at all.  Is there a point?  Your guess is as good as mine.

On the other end, the show continues down its ridiculous path as Rabia (Saba Faisal) and Munazzah (Nida Mumtaz) continue to plot for Hareem’s happiness……when Munazzah literally heard Rabia and Rafay (Shan Baig) plotting an attack on Zamin days earlier.  Not only that, when Hareem runs into the room to tell the two about it, they are unfazed and continue to support one another.  What sort of mother is this?  As the two lovebirds tour their new home, Hareem and Rafay arrive, surprising Zamin and Sehar.  Hareem attacks Sehar verbally before lunging for her and strangling her.  Zamin tries to put a stop to it before doing what men always do in dramas instead of divorcing their unloved wives – he slaps her as both Hareem and Sehar look on, shocked.

Of course, the blame for this slap will go to Sehar, who is “brainwashing” Zamin.  A man is never responsible for his own actions.  The highlight of Thora Sa Haq, in all honesty, is simply how beautiful Ayeza Khan and Imran Abbas look together.  It is what’s keeping this show going, their chemistry and the beauty in every scene when they stand side-by-side.  As a fan of their pairing, I continue to watch week after week to see (hopefully) Ayeza Khan and Imran Abbas actually end up together in a show.  Otherwise, there’s absolutely no reason to root for anyone in this show.  They are all equally crazy and unlikable and this is not really a show where one looks forward to the next episode.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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