Thoda Sa Haq Episode 18: Zamin Decides To Remain Married to Sehar
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Thoda Sa Haq Episode 18: Zamin Decides To Remain Married to Sehar

In Thoda Sa Haq, Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan’s characters continue to struggle regarding the fate of their marriage as Zamin’s family conspires against Sehar

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At times, one just wishes a show could depict characters from a human aspect.  Have the characters done something wrong?  Okay, let’s show some character growth and acknowledgement of their mistakes.  Have the characters wronged other family members?  Okay, maybe they could apologize and rectify their actions.  And if they don’t want to do either?  Let’s portray these characters as what they are – selfish characters.  Unfortunately, Thoda Sa Haq may be raking in the ratings, but it loses points on writing.

Zamin, played by Imran Abbas, is as selfish a character as they come.  While he married Sehar (Ayeza Khan) in a less than ideal situation, his character has gone through a multitude of issues.  While he initially allowed his family to treat Sehar like a servant while pretending their marriage didn’t happen, he later went on to blame her for his father’s death before finally meeting her in secret right under Hareem’s (Mashal Khan) nose.  In episode 18, Zamin begins his full pursuit and flirtation with Sehar, hoping to bring her back into his life and deciding that he will stay with both his wives – what an honor!  Showing absolutely zero remorse for his actions, he informs Hareem of his decision, leaving her in tears.  He later goes on to fight with his Taayi (Saba Faisal) and essentially wages war with her after refusing to divorce Sehar.  I wish I could say Imran Abbas performed well, but he’s done roles like this so many times that it’s become downright repetitive.

Thoda Sa Haq Episode 18: Zamin Decides To Remain Married to Sehar

On the other hand, Mashal Khan performs outstandingly as Hareem, the one character in the show that the viewer can actually emotionally connect with.  An innocent in the entire situation, Hareem has always loved Zamin and continues to be devoted to him despite his lies and negligence.  However, Mashal’s performance in the scene when Zamin tells her he wants to live with Sehar is noteworthy.  She storms off in anger, only to turn back around and apologize while in tears moments later, unable to make Zamin see reason or understand her feelings while also afraid of losing the only man she’s ever loved.  Hareem will soon be morphed into a “negative” character, because that’s all writers know how to do with characters like this in order to excuse Zamin and Sehar’s behavior in the future.  But Hareem is the best character on the show and Mashal Khan is performing her part well.

Sehar, played by Ayeza Khan, continues her back and forth – weak for Zamin, wanting to be married to him, but not allowing her hopes to get in the way of her concept of right and wrong……a concept that didn’t exist when she married Zamin and then declared her devotion to him right under Hareem’s nose day in and day out.  Ayeza Khan is a wonderful actress, but she deserves better than these sleepy, illogical, mazloom roles.  This episode only sees Sehar tell Zamin repeatedly that she needs to move on and then discuss her feelings for him with her Khala.  This character Is written as a “vanilla,” straightforward, innocent character, but unfortunately neither she nor Zamin genuinely recognize the failure of their actions, making it a frustrating show to watch.

While Hareem has now resorted to bribing and threatening Sehar, there’s no doubt that Hareem will be written as a negative character soon enough.  But for now, she is truly the unsung hero of the show.

Episode Rating:  1/5

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