'This song is for Mallika Sherawat. One of a kind'
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'This song is for Mallika Sherawat. One of a kind'

Says New Age musician Yanni in front of over 7,000 fans

For the first time in his long career, world famous New Age composer Yanni dedicated his song "Changes" at his sold out Los Angeles concert "Yanni Voices" to Mallika Sherawat!

As it was reported just days ago (and as Mallika has been commenting about on her Twitter page @MallikaLA), Mallika met Oscar and Grammy winner Ric Wake and Yanni at famed LA eatery, The Ivy, while having dinner with the producers of her upcoming film "Hisss", which Mallika describes as the world's first "female empowerment superhero snake goddess horror film."

"I haven't been to a concert in a long time, but who could resist such a monumental honour," Mallika was quoted as saying by an inside source. "The show was incredible. Yanni is a genuine artiste."

At the concert, during a jumbo video screen sequence of images from Yanni's legendary performance at India's Taj Mahal, Yanni took to the mic and made an impressive dedication to the star, in front of over 7,000 fans, saying, "This song is for Mallika Sherawat. One of a kind."

Sheeraz Hasan, founder of Hollywood.TV, says, "Since Mallika came to Los Angeles, she's been quite a sensation. This kind of attention hasn't been seen for a long time in Hollywood. Grown men have become boys around Mallika. Established, well-to-do industry players have become desperate to spend time with her. She's the new "It Girl" in town."

Mallika is in Hollywood during the post-production of "Hisss" and according to her @MallikaLA Twitter page, has just signed another American film for the end of summer.

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