‘This Isn’t the ‘Manikarnika’ We Shot For’, An Actor from Kangana Ranaut’s Film Speaks Up
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‘This Isn’t the ‘Manikarnika’ We Shot For’, An Actor from Kangana Ranaut’s Film Speaks Up

Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Manikarnika’ has been facing some controversy or the other for a long time. The film releases this Thursday in the UAE

For the last few months, Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika has had to face several controversies. First, the director Krish exited following which Kangana Ranaut herself took over the mantle. There were lots of stories floating how Krish and Team Kangana parted on a bad note, though the latter denied it. Thereafter, actors like Sonu Sood walked out followed by some technicians. However, all seemed well after the first trailer came out as it got great reviews from critics.

However, it seems there is a gigantic level of resentment in the ranks of actors and technicians who have pitched their talent into the controversial historical.  While two of the prominent actors told this writer they had a  “hellish” time shooting for the film after the original director Krish was replaced, they also asserted that silence was the best policy for now. They will speak later after the film’s release. 

One actor from the film did speak up on condition of anonymity asserting that his name is kept out. “If you promise to not reveal my name I can tell you. Shooting for  Manikarnika with Krish and without Krish as a director has been two different experiences. When she (Kangana Ranaut) came in, she changed everything including the dubbing by the actors. The film that is now going to release after she (Kangana) took over is very different from the one that Krish has made. Now it is truly Manikarnika  because it is truly the story  of one woman now, with all the other characters as  mere props.”

The actor says there are far more senior and respected actors in the film who feel they’ve been given a raw deal.  “But we are keeping quiet for the sake of the film. We want it to work because all our blood sweat and tears have gone into it. But  after Manikarnika releases, there will be plenty  of  voices of protest  coming  up.”

That remains to be seen if actors really speak up after its release. However, in a recent interview, Kangana did admit that she had shot nearly 70 per cent of the film. In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Kangana said that she had come on board as director in June and then reconceived the entire film, incorporating songs and reshooting large portions. “Only 30 per cent of the film, the action sequences shot by Krish and Nick, have been retained and I did lots of patchwork on those too. The remaining 70 per cent of the film was shot by me.”

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