THIS is Why Veteran Actress Zarina Wahab Does Not Celebrate Eid
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THIS is Why Veteran Actress Zarina Wahab Does Not Celebrate Eid

Zarina Wahab who hails from a Muslim family but married to a Hindu actor (Aditya Pancholi) explains why she does not celebrate Eid

Veteran  actress Zarina Wahab no longer celebrates  Eid. She  has a  startling yet  accurate assessment of the festive fervor in India. “If you are religious-minded, don’t go for an an inter-religious marriage. No matter how much in love you are, there will always  be  a conflict of  interest.”

Zarina, however, has no such problem. “I am not  that  passionate about religious celebrations.  I am married  to a Hindu (actor Aditya Pancholi)  and  our children  have been brought up to believe  all religions to be equal. In our home, we celebrate neither Diwali nor Eid. But we believe all religion to be  equally  important. There is  no mahaul in my own home to read the namaaz on Eid which is the most important  part of Eid. So I go to my sister’s place every Eid where I  go through all  the rituals and festivities. But I  repeat,  I am not  compulsively religious. I go to  temples, mosques, gurudwaras and churches with  equal reverence.”

Zarina recalls  her Eid  celebrations during her growing up years  in Hyderabad  with exceeding  affection. “Eid  was the  most important day  of the year. And  all of us, my three sister and one  brother, would  prepare  for it  days in advance. The  biggest excitement for Eid was the new clothes. This was  the  only time of  the year when we got  new clothes. Abba would buy one big thaan (ream) of cloth and all of us sisters and  brother (who is  no more) would  get identical clothes stitched from the  same fabric,” says  Zarina fondly.

She recalls  her  Eid   in Hyderabad with tremendous  nostalgia. “Everyone would participate. We  would not  look at kaun  Hindi kaun Muslim. Everyone was served  the  Eid delicacies.  Now that bonhomie is gone.The Eid parties in Bollywood are more show than feel the spirit of Eid.”

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