This is Why Tiger Shroff Needed His Own Gym
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This is Why Tiger Shroff Needed His Own Gym

The reason will melt your heart!

Tiger Shroff recently opened his own gym in Bandra(Mumbai). And for those who wonder why he needed to go into entrepreneurship at this stage of his life.

The actor explains, “It wasn’t a business decision. The gym which we’ve named MMA Matrix—MMA being Mixed Martial Arts—came about  because of the constant questions I was asked about health and  fitness.”

Having kids and teenagers  across the country look up to  Tiger confesses he felt a sense of responsibility towards the health and fitness of the young. “They’d come up to me and ask how did  I develop a passion for fitness, How did  I begin my physical training? Who mentored me? What could I tell them? That I  ran to the beach every morning from the time I was a child to practise my martial arts and do my exercises? Better that I  show them what can be  done at a gym rather than just talk about it.”

Tiger’s MMS Matrix  gym which  opened in November  is being  looked  after entirely by his family.  “I’ve handed  it over to the women I  love and  trust the most. My  mother (Ayesha Shrff) and sister(Krishna). They  look after the gym  while I am busy shooting.”

As for the third member  of Tiger’s closely-knit family, father Jackie Shroff turned 61 earlier in January.

Tiger confesses he has always looked up to his father. “He was cool from   before the concept of coolth  was conceived. He  has always  been  star, from even before he came into the  movies, without trying to be one. When my father enters  the room heads turn automatically. That  kind of aura no longer exists. We  actors are constantly in  the limelight posting pictures and  messages on social  media. That aura  of  stardom is  gone. A  Tiger Shroff can  never  have  the same  aura as a Jackie Shroff. I  won’t even try.”

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