Akash Ambani Changed His Wedding Dates; Isha Ambani Reveals
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Akash Ambani Changed His Wedding Dates; Isha Ambani Reveals

Akash Ambani got married his to childhood sweetheart Shloka Mehta on March 9. In a report, Isha Ambani revealed that Akash was supposed to get married on a different date

When it comes to weddings, trust the Ambanis to show what grand celebration is and they will never disappoint you.
After the recent Ambani wedding, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Isha Ambani’s wedding with Anand Piramal and Aksah Ambani’s wedding diamond princess Shloka Mehta were probably two biggest, most grand weddings of the decade.
Apart from the grandeur décor and many Bollywood biggies attending the celebrations, Beyonce and Maroon 5 too performed at the wedding making it an even bigger event. Clearly, the Ambanis didn’t shy away from dropping humongous amounts of money on both the weddings. It is safe to say that the videos and pictures from the weddings are still making a buzz ever since they surfaced the internet.
In a recent interaction with a magazine, Isha Ambani revealed that Shloka and Akash were supposed to get married before her wedding with Anand, but, Akash was more than willing to give his wedding dates to her. She said, "Akash has the largest heart ever. He changed his wedding dates for me. He got engaged to Shloka before Anand and me, but he was like, "I'll get married afterwards, you take my wedding dates." He's like one of the most—I don't think there's a word for it in English—"dayalu" humans in this world. He's empathetic, gracious and gentle, just like Shloka."
Awww… how sweet is Akash to give up his wedding dates for his darling sister Isha.
It was recently reported that Nita Ambani has given her daughter-in-law Shloka Mehta a diamond necklace worth of Rs 300 crore. Meanwhile, sister-in-law Isha Ambani also gifted Shloka Mehta a palatial bungalow.
There were reports of Ambani spending close to Rs 110 crore on Isha Ambani's extravagant wedding. After seeing the pictures and videos from Akash’s wedding with Shloka, one could say that an even bigger amount was spent at the recent wedding celebrations. Both weddings continue to remain some of the biggest and most expensive weddings in the country ever.

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