This is what ‘October’ Girl Banita Sandhu is up to
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This is what ‘October’ Girl Banita Sandhu is up to

Confirmed, this is going to be the next film starring Banita Sandhu, the girl who played Varun Dhawan’s comatose girlfriend in October

The shakeup in the cast and crew of Varmaa, the Tamil remake of the game-changing Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy, left the project with only the hero in place. And that is Tamil cinema’s doyen Vikram’s son Dhruv whose launch-pad Varmaa is meant to be.

However, the producers were so deeply disappointed by what director Bala had achieved that they decided to scrap the entire film after it was complete, dismantle the entire cast and crew completely, except of course Dhruv (it’s his launch, remember?) and remake the film from scratch.

For a  few days now, reports were making rounds of Britain-based actress Banita Sandhu who played Varun Dhawan’s comatose soul-mate in Shoojit Sircar’s October, replacing the original female lead, Meghna, a model from Kolkata.

Banita has confirmed to me that she is indeed doing Varmaa.

Banita said, “Yes I am doing Varmaa. And I am quite excited about it. After October nothing really interesting was coming my way. Until now.”

Banita looks forward to beginning preparation to play the out-of-control alcoholic hero’s quiet, subdued love interest. “I am waiting for the acting workshops to begin. The shooting date is yet to be finalized. But I am hoping it would begin in the next month or so.”

The pretty young British Indian says she can’t wait to start shooting. “I was just waiting for the right film to come along after October. This(Varmaa) made perfect sense. I am super-excited about getting back on a film set.”

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