This is the One Thing Queen Elizabeth Does Not Like About Prince Harry

This is the One Thing Queen Elizabeth Does Not Like About Prince Harry

Queen Elizabeth does not approve of royal men with facial hair. Her grandson Prince Harry has been sporting a stubble since he was out in the Arctic
This is the One Thing Queen Elizabeth Does Not Like About Prince Harry
Prince Harry

Although Queen Elizabeth does not like to interfere with her family members’ personal lives (everyone has to follow a set of royal rules, of course) but the royal family makes sure that they do not do anything which she does not like. From children’s names to the avoidance of garlic in Buckingham household, the final word and choice are always the monarch’s. The first and foremost priority of the royal family members is to please the Queen. For instance, Lady Gabriella Windsor changed her wedding dress when she got to know that Queen would be attending the wedding.

Prince Harry has always been close to Queen Elizabeth because of his easy-going and casual nature. The Queen often consults her grandson Harry when it comes to tech. She is also fond of his wife Meghan Markle and even allowed her mother Doria Ragland to be a part of family events. However, there is one thing that the Queen does not like about Prince Harry. She does not approve of his beard these days. According to the monarch, men should always be clean-shaved. Prince Harry started sporting a stubble when he was abroad for his military duties.

The Queen does not mind men working abroad or on military duties to have facial hair. But now Prince Harry has left the military and the stubble is there to stay. He also chose not to go for a clean shave when he got married to Meghan Markle at St. George Chapel at Windsor Castle. Unlike Queen Elizabeth, the rest of the family members like his new look. Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Tindal jokingly referred Prince Harry as ‘Prince Hairy.’ Other than this, Prince Harry is always careful to follow things the way Queen Elizabeth wants them to. At his wedding, he wore the frock coat as a uniform after Queen’s approval.

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