This is How Katrina Kaif is Working on Getting The Perfect Body For Tiger Zinda Hai
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This is How Katrina Kaif is Working on Getting The Perfect Body For Tiger Zinda Hai

Katrina's trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala spills the beans…

Yasmin Karachiwala met Katrina Kaif nearly 15 years ago at Salman Khan’s farmhouse. They were chatting casually when Kat asked suddenly, “If I come to work out with you, will you make my arms look like yours?” Yasmin agreed and the next day Kat was at her gym. In a friendship that has lasted over a decade, Yasmin has literally transformed Katrina’s million-dollar body. Yasmin tells us how Kat went about achieving that drool-worthy figure…

“In her upcoming movie which is being shot in Abu Dhabi, Katrina has a lot of action sequences… things like getting up and give someone a front kick, side kick and a back kick and then doing a somersault! Depending on her schedule for the day, I design her workout and diet which is as follows…

Breakfast: Eggs and toast. Two gluten-free toasts and two full eggs.

Workout: Done an hour after breakfast, it includes cardio or some kettlebell training. If she’s doing a fight sequence in the morning, we do some Pilates before the fight to warm up.

Lunch: Fish and vegetables. Grilled fish, low on sodium and oil, mainly sea bass or salmon.

Workout: For around 2 - 3 hours because her fight rehearsal takes two hours. So we have an hour of training and then two hours of fight rehearsal.

Evening: Snack. Something that has protein like a peanut truffle. This could be two hours after lunch, because after that we go back for fight training or another session of Pilates.

Workout: She’s been playing cricket or squash on set to get her cardio in.

Dinner: We eat fish and vegetables again as she needs to look lean and able to fight.”

To achieve a body like Katrina’s is no joke, but with serious dedication- it is definitely possible! 

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