This Is How Bollywood Actor Sonakshi Sinha Went From Flab To Fit

This Is How Bollywood Actor Sonakshi Sinha Went From Flab To Fit

Famous Bollywood Fitness Trainer Namrata Purohit, reveals Actor Sonakshi Senha vigorous exercise regime and diet plan that gave the Dabang Actor a well-toned body

By looking at her perfectly toned body, you will know the kind of commitment it needs to achieve the level of fitness that the Bollywood leading lady Sonakshi Senha has achieved over a period of time. She has been always been vocal about her love-hate relation with gym and during an interview confessed, that she lost 30 kilos to share the silver screen with Salman Khan. She even candidly said that if it were not for Salman, she would have never lost weight!

Let's get to know how she achieved that fit body according to Bollywood fitness trainer Namrata Purohit.

Sonakshi Senha Fitness Routine:

The actress revealed how she always had a love-hate relationship with gym, however

1.      Works 6 Days A Week:

Sonakshi works six days a week and takes an hour’s training each day. Out of which four times in a week she does Pilates and twice a week she follows the EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) routine which is a 20 minutes session.

2.      Invests In Cardi-Vascular Activities:

However, the actor has been increasingly investing herself in cardio-vascular activities like headstands, rowing, pilates, skipping outdoors and battle ropes.

Sonakshi Sinha's Diet Regimen:

Her meal plans are well thought out and in equation with the kind of intense workouts the Dabang star does. Her diet plan is High Protein Low Carb Diet. Also, according to sources, she diligently follows the routine of eating small meals at an interval of 2 hours and avoiding carbs after 6 pm.

Here’s what Sonakshi’s diet chart looks like:

  • Early morning: 1 glass of warm water with honey and lemon juice.
  • Breakfast: Cereal and low-fat milk with 1 whole-wheat toast.
  • Mid-morning: Some dry fruits and 1 cup of green tea.
  • Lunch: Homemade roti and sabzi with salad.
  • Evening: 1 cup of green tea or a bowl of fruits.
  • Dinner: Dal, sabzi (mixed vegetables), a piece of chicken or grilled fish.

In short the Dabang actor gives us real body-confidence goals. If you are also among those who hate going to the gym and loves food just like Sonakshi does, try her diet chart and you might end up losing those extra kilos.

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