This Astro-Numerologist Had Predicted Priyanka Chopra's Wedding 13 Years Ago!

This Astro-Numerologist Had Predicted Priyanka Chopra's Wedding 13 Years Ago!

Find out what he had exactly predicted to a magazine way back in 2005
This Astro-Numerologist Had Predicted Priyanka Chopra's Wedding 13 Years Ago!

Priyanka Chopra

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There was one person, it seems, who knew exactly when Priyanka Chopra would get married. And that is astro-numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani. In an interview to a film magazine in 2005, Jumaani, a popular name among Bollywood celebs, had predicted that Priyanka would get hooked in her 36th year.

Well, Double No '9', Priyanka Chopra (18+7+1982=9) did get committed to her beau in her 36th (9) Year as predicted by him. He explains why he prophesized the same.

9, Mars that governed her doubly has worked wonders for her hence he predicted, 36 (9) as the year for marriage; 27 (9) was too early for her since she’s very ambitious.  "Number '9' bearing people are governed by Mars, a fiery planet that we can see from the naked eye,” says Jumaani. This prompts them into leading from the front. Hence, such people cannot play second fiddle. As they rightly say, 'Men are from Mars'. So she'll certainly be the woman on top. Number 9s, being fighters in all aspects, are forceful and fierce. And hence they do well as leaders or in position of authority. No wonder, these qualities incline them sooner or later towards politics. She might indulge in Politics in or around her 45th Year,” he adds.

“In fact, Most Bigg Boss Winners have been number 9s; as well as the host for the most number of seasons (So far 9!), Salman Khan (27/12). Moreover, the guest who paid the most number of visits by far is Akshay Kumar (9/9).”

“PC was 18 (9) when she became 'Miss World' and delivered excellent performances in Fashion and Dostana in her 27th (9) year to catapult herself to the top bracket! She also gelled with fellow number '9' Akki, who also happens to be a Virgo, like Nick Jonas (16th Sept): Their on and off screen chemistry was for all to see. My advice - Nick should be weary of her dominating, straight forward and impulsive nature.”

“Priyanka’s a water sign and such people travel a lot and do very well away from place of birth. Being an Army officer's daughter, she has been travelling quite often and did extremely well, building her foundation in Mumbai, which adds up to 9 and is surrounded by water too. No wonder she won the Miss World Pageant abroad.”

Sanjay Jumaani

“Both, Priyanka and Nick are Water and Earth signs respectively. Hence they're made for each other. Just like Earth and Water, that always stay together. They have a lot in common too. For instance, Nick adds to '2', whereas Priyanka Chopra and her nickname 'PC', both add to '2'. Furthermore, they are both governed by 2 (Moon) and 7 (Neptune).These planets are more on the mental space and can cause mood swings. Therefore, Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation are recommended to Nick, whereas Yoga and Exercising to PC. These activities will help her keep calm.”

It surely seems like she's riding on Cloud '9'!"