This app will be rate Bollywood movies on their level of Nepotism
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This app will be rate Bollywood movies on their level of Nepotism

It was created by Sushant Singh Rajput’s brother-in-law Vishal Kirti in a bid to fight against nepotism

Since Sushant Singh Rajput’s death on June 14, there has been a lengthy debate about nepotism in Bollywood. Hoping to combat nepotism in the industry, the late actor’s brother-in-law, Vishal Kirti has launched Nepometer. The app, which is yet to launch, will rate films based on how nepotistic or independent the cast and crew were.

Vishal made the announcement of the new rating system on his Twitter account. He wrote, “Created by my brother @mayureshkrishna in the memory of my brother in law.” Explaining further, he retweeted the Nepometer account which wrote, “Fight Bollywood Nepotism with Information. We will provide rating for movies based on how nepotistic or independent movie crew is. If the #nepometer is high, then it’s time to #boycottbollywoodnepotism.”

So how will the app work?

Each film’s cast and crew members will be split into five sections, Producer, Lead Artists, Supporting Artists, Director and Writer. From there each member will be named individually, beside their name it will then list whether they have any family in the industry and if so who they are. If they don’t have any relations in Bollywood the film member will be rated as ‘independent’. The number of people cast with family in the industry will then be turned into a percentage of how nepotistic the film is.

In order to keep the conversation going, the app will also send you notifications to remind you to watch independent films.

In a post on Nepometer’s Instagram account, Vishal urged fans to boycott Bollywood films with a high nepotistic percentage. He wrote, “The best way to make it (equal casting opportunity) happen is by using our own wallets and not watch movies that doesn’t support enough independent artists. But how do we remind ourselves about not watching nepotistic movies? And even if we can remember, how do we find alternative independent movies easily. Many independent movies just don’t make the cut of publicity to catch our eyes.”

He went on to explain that people can decide which films to watch by checking their Nepometer rating first. “The goal of this app is to provide you a percentage meter of how nepotistic or independent upcoming movies are and send you notification to watch more independent movies. If the nepometer is high, then it’s time to #boycottbollywoodnepotism.”

One of the first films to be rated is Mahesh Bhatt’s Sadak 2 which was found to be 98% nepotistic.

The app is yet to launch but you can register on their website to be notified when it launches.

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