These Latest Photos of Shah Rukh Khan and Son Abram will Make You Go aww
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These Latest Photos of Shah Rukh Khan and Son Abram will Make You Go aww

Latest photos of SRK and Abram peeking from a curtain are breaking the internet and we can’t blame the internet because this dad-son duo are our favourite

Celebrity photographer Avinash Gowariker recently shared a picture of Shah Rukh Khan with his son AbRam in a series of “Indian Dads” where he shot Shah Rukh Khan and AbRam in a ‘light tent’.

On his Instagram, Avinash Gowariker stated:

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“This picture is from a series of photos titled 'Indian Dads' which I did for the Swedish Consulate Mumbai, to showcase 'how being a dad is cool'. It was basically to promote #GenderEquality & #EqualParenting.”

Avinash also highlighted these photos on his Instagram and gave them the caption hence,

“The bond SRK shares with Abram is fascinating! He is a frequent visitor on the sets when SRK is shooting... always inquisitive about all equipment... he found my 'light tent' fascinating & wanted to come inside it! It's adorable to see The Dad, SRK patiently answering each complicated & technical question that is asked by Abram... The cool thing is that every answer that he gives is like he is talking to an adult... and not a kid... what is cooler is that it seems that Abram understands everything!!”

credit, Avinash Gowariker’s Instagram: avigowariker

Avinash has captured on lens, a series of men that he has known. In this photography series, they are seen performing various duties as doting dads. The series also includes Farah Khan’s husband, Shirish Kunder, who is seen doing bbq with his triplets.

About Kunder as a dad, Avinash wrote, “My filmmaker friend Shirish with his adorable triplets Anya, Diva and Czar.. I have been shooting the kids at least once each year, since they were born. This year it was surreal for me to see how much they’ve grown… they’re cooking with The Dad! Mom Farah Khan helped in this shot …. By eating what was cooked!”

In this series, Avinash also included his farmhouse caretaker Sharad Patil with his children alongwith his physiotherapist Akshay, his best friend Sunil, his photographer friend Jaideep Oberoi and his producer friend Imran Khatri.

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