The War Over ‘Manikarnika’ is FAR From Over. Read Kangana Ranaut’s FEISTY Response to Krish
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The War Over ‘Manikarnika’ is FAR From Over. Read Kangana Ranaut’s FEISTY Response to Krish

Kangana Ranaut has been under fire from director Krish and other stars over the credits of ‘Manikarnika’

Kangana Ranaut has fired back on all cylinders to her detractors who are saying she has forced out the director of her last film to make way for herself. In an interview that went viral, Manikarnika’s original director Krish had accused Kangana of taking over the project unethically and making unwanted cuts. In response, her sister Rangoli hit back at Krish and even released screenshots of WhatsApp messages to prove their point that it was Kangana who actually directed the film.

Kangana kept quiet for a bit but not any more. In a recent interview, when she was asked about the statements made by director Krish, writer Apurva Asrani (who lashed out at her for what he went through during Simran) and actors Sonu Sood and Mishti Chakraborty, she said, “I would suggest Krish to take Sonu Sood, Mishti Chakraborty and Apurva Asrani and make a film to teach me a lesson.”

“It is wrong of Krish to attack me like that. If he is right, then he can go ahead and prove it. Talking to the media won’t help him. Manikarnika is out and fortunately or unfortunately, I have directed the film. The film is out there and nothing can be done about it. To all those people who are saying that my role has been cut or I have edited a scene, I would like to say that whatever place I have achieved, whether as an actor or a three-times National award winner or filmmaker, I have got it myself and my father hasn’t given it to me. Get this position on your own and by crying, it won’t help anyone.”

She added, “I have taken all the final decisions. If Krish left the film in my hands, then it is my prerogative as a director to take the final calls. And to all those who are struggling in life, they should take inspiration from me. They won’t get anything by feeling jealous or by attacking me.”

The film’s producer, Kamal Jain, recently took Kangana’s side in the feud, asserting that the decision to demote Krish was made by him and the studio.

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