The Voice Controversy, Hargun Kaur Being Unnecessarily Favored

The Voice Controversy, Hargun Kaur Being Unnecessarily Favored

The Voice has a new controversy after its manufactured controversy of a fight between Adnan Sami and Armaan Malik
The Voice Controversy, Hargun Kaur Being Unnecessarily Favored
Hargun Kaur

Star channel’s controversial music contest The Voice which was in the news just the other day for creating a manufactured controversy over a fight between judges Adnan Sami and Armaan Malik now has a real and grave problem on hand.

One of  the contestants Hargun Kaur’s close association with the show’s in-house music composer Aditya Pushkarna has become a matter of raging bitterness among the  contestants judges and other participants in the show.

According to well-informed sources in the show, Hargun is being “unnecessarily favoured” on the Voice because of her closeness to Pushkarna. Sources also say she came on the show because of Pushkarna’s recommendation.

One of the show’s judges who didn’t want to be named told this writer that the close association between Hargun and Pushkarna at the cost of the other more deserving contestants on the show, has become a matter of huge debate among the judges.

“Hargun is being pushed towards winning the show although there are far more deserving contestants who are being left behind in the bid to push her ahead.  We don’t know what the relationship is between Hargun and Pushkarna. And we are not assuming anything. But we do know that he’s pushing her hard, and this fact is not being appreciated either. We’ve good reason to believe that the two have agreed to split the 25 lakh rupee prize money if she wins,” says the very reliable source from The Voice.

We have no reason to disbelieve that the relation between the contestant and the music director is purely one of pupil and mentor. But the fact that the judges feel she’s being given undeserved attention and importance, is a matter that needs to be explained by the two people who are being questioned by almost everybody involved with the show.