The Truth Behind Dipika Samson and Nikita Anand's Ouster
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The Truth Behind Dipika Samson and Nikita Anand's Ouster

We reveal to you the inside scoop of their exit from 'Sasuraal Simar Ka' and 'Bani- Ishq Da Kalma'

The buzz in telly world is that Nitika Anand who plays Manpreet in Bani – Ishq Da Kalma will soon be out of the show! The producers have allegedly decided to axe her character altogether. A source from the sets says, “Nitika demanded more remuneration when her contract expired this February.” But the producers chose to deny her request when renewing her contract.
Another actor from the sets of Bani… says, “They also refuse to pay us for overtime, despite promising it. At times, we have worked for over 24 hours continuously without being paid a penny. Even the payment for regular shifts is delayed by three or four months. We did try to question them but the producer kept making excuses. They choose to sack actors who confront them over payment issues. The same has happened with Nitika.” However, Nitika refuses to speak about her fight and insists she is quitting the show for personal reasons. “The decision between the producers and me is amicable.” While producer Damini Shetty chooses to answer with a “No comment.”
Nikita’s move is similar to that of another actress, Dipika Samson, one of the lead characters Sasural Simar Ka. Reports say Dipika has quit the popular show. Dipika has been with the show for three years now but apparently wasn’t too happy with the way her character was being developed and was allegedly tired of asking for a better storyline.
According to a source, “Dipika has already put in her papers. She needed to explore other opportunities.” Incidentally, Dipika had begun to joke about her character a few months ago. She said, “The only thing I have done on the show is cry endlessly.”
So now the production house is looking for a replacement. As of now, Dipika chooses to remain mum about her decision but she seems to have made up her mind. All we can say is – more power to the women of television!

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