The Top Fifteen Pakistani Wedding Songs

The Top Fifteen Pakistani Wedding Songs

Weddings are the most elaborate affair in desi culture. Here are the top fifteen wedding songs from Pakistan that suit the wedding dance floor well.

Weddings are what I miss the most about Pakistan. In today’s time and age when everyone and everything is deeply affected by sorrows and miseries all over the world, the festivities at weddings give everyone a little moment to rejoice. From buying the fabric that has to be given to the embroider for the intricate desi embellishments to picking up the flower jewelry for the bride, from devouring the succulent mutton curry with hot crisp naans to making the most of wedding dress-up by clicking the maximum photos, I miss it all.

Desi weddings are a serious business

As everyone in the desi cultures knows it well that for us weddings are not a close and intimate affair. You can probably be cursed for the rest of your life if you fail to invite that distant uncle whom you have never seen all your life to your brother’s wedding. The desi weddings are probably one of the most elaborately celebrated weddings all over the world. The food has to be cooked to perfection. The boys’ family has to be seated on the best of velvet-covered seats in front of the stage is a consideration as primary as the bride reaching the venue well on time before the barat arrives.

Weddings that sprawl over days

Desi weddings sprawl over days in usual cases. Although the trends are now changing, traditionally the weddings have to begin with the endless dholkis and officially begin with a mehndi, the main day called barat and finally the wedding reception which is called the walima. Although the latter is considered a more important event everyone has his/her heart safely vested in the dance and music-filled Mehndi. Traditionally the bride wears yellow and women from the family apply henna on her hands. But the best part has to be the music and dance.

The top fifteen Pakistani wedding songs

Although Pakistani films are greatly influenced by Bollywood, there are also some fun wedding songs which are through and through Pakistani and related to the wedding. Here are the top fifteen wedding songs from Pakistan.

Mehndi ni Mehndi

This is a traditional song sung by many singers but Musarra Nazir’s version is mostly played at the weddings.

Mundeya Dupatta Chhad Mera

Sung by madam Noor Jahan and filmed on Babra Shareef for film ‘Mukhra’, this song is a hit both on dholkis and dance practices.

Chitta Kukkad

Another folk Punjabi number by Musarrat Nazir is actually a collection of short verses which are traditionally banter between the bride and groom. These are called ‘tappay’ in Punjabi.

Luddi Hay Jamalo

Luddi is a traditional Punjabi dance which is performed  by women in the family when they take mehndi to the bride’s home. Madam Noor Jahan provided a forever green track for weddings to dance on. This song is a must-have when luddi is performed in a circle.

Sonay di Tavitri

Shot on Anjuman and sung by Madam Noor Jahan, you can never go wrong with this song.

Kala Sha Kala

Another classic number by Madam Noor Jahan immortalized by madam Noor Jahan lightheartedly mocks a fair-skinned woman’s dark lover.

Desan Da Raja

This traditional Punjabi song is sung by the groom’s family rejoicing over their brother getting married. The title literally means ‘the king of all countries.’

Taali de thallay

The late 80s and early 90s saw the boom of the Pakistani pop music industry. Nazia Hassan was an instant crush of the entire nation.

Mehndi Ki Raat

Junaid Jamshed’s mehndi song is still sung with the same love at weddings.

Zara Dholki Bajao Goriyo

The revival of Pakistani Cinema brought Adnan Sami Khan’s debut in the Urdu musical film ‘Sargum’. A wedding song from the same film shot on the ethereal beauty Zeba Bakhtiar and Adnan Sami Khan is a must at all weddings.


The catchy song sung by the singer Haroon of the former band Awaz is always there to set the mehndi stage on fire.

Nach Punjaban

Also, never forget Abrar-ul-Haq’s era of the most electrifying Punjabi songs fit for every wedding. Picking one song was hard.

Lar Gaiyan

From the film Dobara Phir Se, this song is quite a hit when it comes to a group dance.

Guddi Wang

Not only this song sung by Zeb Bangash from Pakistani film Baaji but also the way it is filmed brings many old wedding memories back.

Ik Pal

Wedding season this year is definitely expecting lot more from the song ‘Ik Pal’ sung by Hadiqa Kiani and Harshdeep Kaur. The happy vibes added by Azaan Sami Khan’s melody make this song an instant catch.

To be honest, this list is not even complete. It does give you an overview of what Pakistani music has in store for big fate desi weddings but there is certainly a lot more to follow.  These wedding songs can bring the dance floor to fire coupled with the traditional embellished lehengas and bright makeups. Desis can just not help making the most of every event and weddings give them all the more reasons to rejoice. This is to the upcoming wedding season everyone is looking forward to.

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By Saadia Ahmed
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