The Taj glow

Rejuvenate your skin the traditional way with the spa's Natural Radiance facial
The Taj glow

We hear the Taj Spa before we see it, and it relaxes us right away. The sounds of rippling water fountains and soothing music reach us as soon as we step out of the lift on the 11th floor of the Taj Palace Dubai, where the spa is located. The hotel is just a short distance away from the Al Rigga Metro Station, but when you get to the spa it's like you've left the city behind.

Having faced the harsh summer for a while now, we think our skin could use some au naturel TLC. So we decide to try the Natural Radiance facial from the spa's newly redesigned menu which uses a blend of fruits and vegetables to rejuvenate tired skin. The facial is tailored for individual skin types, so there's an initial consultation during which the therapist decides on ingredients, finds out if you're allergic to any of the ingredients and if you've got any medical conditions that they need to be aware of.

For our skin type, which is oily, the ingredients include aloe vera gel, honey, fresh orange juice and tomato paste. While the therapist prepares the ingredients (which takes about 15-20 minutes), we get refreshed with a cool Amla (Gooseberry) drink. Then there's a rose petal foot bath, after which the facial begins.

We start off with the cleansing process where raw milk (which deep cleanses and softens the skin) and basil oil (which refreshes and uplifts the skin) are used. Next we're up for a scrubbing containing curd that's rich in enzymes great for the skin. Steaming and getting rid of those nasty whiteheads follows, and it's done so gently we barely feel any discomfort. We can see later that the gentleness doesn't interfere with the effectiveness of the 'extraction', so full marks to our therapist Christina!
Then it's time for a very relaxing face massage with some tangy orange juice (we loved the fresh fragrance of it!). After this comes a pack that includes Fullers Earth, and once that's done, there's a quick application of moisturising oil with saffron in it.

At the end of the one-hour facial, our skin felt super revitalised. And all of this achieved with the freshest ingredients. We're happy to report that we had a natural radiance about us!

The Natural Radiance facial is Dhs330 at the Taj Spa, Taj Palace Hotel Dubai. The spa is offering a 50 per cent discount until September 11, 2010, on all facials (including the Natural Radiance), body scrubs, blissful massages and signature experiences.
Call on 04 211 3114 or 223 2222 for more details.