The Style For You

Are you all set to welcome the summer with a new hairstyle? <em>Masala!</em> teams up with Dessange's hair expert Tony Habchy to find out how to get a hairstyle that will amp your oomph factor
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The Style For You

At the Salon:

How to Ask for What You Want

Say: "I'd like a 15-minute consultation before we begin cutting."

Ask for reference images to see what your cut will look like. Don't just ask for a trim. Discuss how much should be cut, and from where.

Avoid the trendy styles of the day if they are not right for you.

Don't just say 'I want a bob'. Be specific. Say, "I want a choppy, nape-length bob with long layers framing my face."

Tony's trend chart

One of the most popular hair-dos this season is the side swipe with volume on the top, and with the lengths being either wavy or straight. Very 30s and 50s glamour.

The bob-cut from two years ago is not that popular.

Dark chocolate overtones to the hair colouring to add depth and shine.

Waves are in and the Charlie's Angel big hairstyle will be really in this season and the next.

I know fringes are in but I think it's time we bid adieu to the bangs.

Tony recommends

Frizzy hair: Dessange blow dry primer?and serum.

Hair loss: Trichobiol ampouls, Trichobiol shampoo, Terre Precieuse Perle with essentials oil and trace elements spray from Phytodess.

Thinning hair:
Terre Precieuse Perle, Trace Element Spray from Phytodess and Volumising shampoo with the leave in conditioner from Dessange.

Damage from too much styling: Palm butter oil and purity shampoo and Macadamia mask from Phytodess.