The Story of the Legendary Singer Noor Jahan’s Last Haircut Shared by the Hairstylist Nabila
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The Story of the Legendary Singer Noor Jahan’s Last Haircut Shared by the Hairstylist Nabila

Noor Jahan, the veteran singer, was known for her glamorous personality and passion for singing. She is remembered by her fans even after her death

Noor Jahan was one of those singers and actors who laid the foundation of the Pakistan Film Industry. At the time of partition, she and her then-husband Shaukat Hussain Rizvi opted for the newly founded Muslim state Pakistan and make a life there. Although they were already big names in the Mumbai film industry, they decided to migrate to Lahore, Pakistan. After a successful acting career, Noor Jahan continued singing and is remembered until now for her passion for the craft. Other than her strong personality and singing skills, Noor Jahan was also known for her zeal for life. She had a great love for vanity and always wanted to look her best.

The famous makeup artist narrated the story of Noor Jahan’s last haircut in the hospital room because she wanted to look her best when her colleague from yesteryears Dilip Kumar was coming to see her from India. Nabila was called to the hospital room as Noor Jahan was too weak to be taken to the salon.

‘I remember the day when I was asked to do a haircut for Madam Noorjehan in her VIP room at the Agha khan hospital. Dileep Kumar was visiting from India, she obviously wanted to look her best. Although we interacted briefly, our connection was deep. That was her last haircut...

Noor Jahan has sung many immortal sings. During her peak years, no film was complete without a song sung by her. Not only did she sing for films, but Noor Jahan also had a deep liking for the rich Urdu and Punjabi literature. She sang the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and made it immortal through her passionate singing. Especially Mujh Se Pehli Si Mohabbat became so popular that the veteran poet Faiz declared it to be Noor Jahan’s property. He never recited that poem in any mushaira (a poetic sitting) after she sang it.

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