‘The Sky Is Pink’ Has Gathered Rave Reviews From the Celebrities Who Watched the Special Screening
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‘The Sky Is Pink’ Has Gathered Rave Reviews From the Celebrities Who Watched the Special Screening

‘The Sky Is Pink’ is Priyanka Chopra’s first Hindi film in three years. It is based on the true story of a couple who lost their daughter to a terminal illness

The Sky Is Pink which is releasing worldwide tomorrow October 11th, 2019 has already premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film is particularly important for being Priyanka Chopra’s comeback film in Bollywood after a gap of three years. According to Priyanka Chopra, she was so moved by the story that she also decided to co-produce the film. Priyanka Chopra, who is a global icon, is determined to take this film to the international platform and show to the world that India is capable of producing quality content which is worthy of leaving a mark all over the world.

‘The celebrities who watched the special screening of the film are all praise for The Sky Is Pink

Priyanka Chopra’s husband Nick Jonas who is a famous singer penned down a heartfelt note for the film. According to the director Shonali Bose, Nick Jonas was into tears when he watched Priyanka Chopra during one of the scenes on the film’s set. Priyanka Chopra was busy shooting The Sky Is Pink in Delhi when Nick Jonas flew down to India a few days so that she could focus on her work. According to Nick Jonas, he was proud of Priyanka Chopra and hoped she would impact the life of people through the film.

According to the actess Kubra Sait, imagining the possibilities of life when nothing goes your way is the essence of The Sky Is Pink.

Divya Dutta could not move out of the stream of emotions even after the film ended.

Diana Pentty could also not get over with The Sky Is Pink.

According to Monika Manchanda, The Sky Is Pink is a rollercoaster of laughs and tears.

The journalist june Paul could not wait to go home and give her husband a hug. According to her The Sky Is Pink a heartbreaking yet warm film.

The journalist Samina Sheikh said that she could relate to the film because of a similar battle she had fought in life.

According to the famous journalist Faridoon Shahryar, The Sky Is Pink was Priyanka Chopra’s career’s best performance where she managed to show many emotions in one go. Faridoon Shahryar also appreciated the film’s screenplay and direction.

The film journalist Subhash K Jha suggested the people to watch The Sky Is Pink if it was the only film they had to watch this year.

Ankur Pathak has rated Priyanka Chopra as extraordinary in the role. He called her work a wholesome performance by an actor at the peak of her craft.

The actress Urvashi Rautella was all praise for the film.

The review from Canada is also promising calling The Sky Is Pink a slice of life drama.

The Sky is Pink is said to be the actors’ and the director’s best work to date

From what the reviews tell, the film has shown the best performances of Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Zaira Wasim, and Rohit Saraf. People are also all praise for the director SHonali Bose who created an artistic masterpiece through her lens. The film is actually the brainchild of Shonali Bose who was approached by the family of Aisha Chaudhry to make a film on her. Shonali Bose, who had also gone through a smilar situation in life when she lost her sisxteen year old son, decided to make a film not on Aisha but on her parents whose lives were completely transformed.

Priyanka Chopra has taken The Sky Is Pink to global platforms

Priyanka Chopra, who is the co-producer of the film, said that the job of the producer was not just to arrange the finances but to take the film to much bigger platforms. Priyanka Chopra, being a  global icon, promoted The Sky Is Pink at many international shows which has not happened before for a Hindi film. According to Priyanka Chopra, this film was a cathartic experience for her as it helped her battle her own grief for her father whom she had lost six years ago. Since she was also getting married during the same days, the emotions were high.

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