Were the Sets of Bin Roye Haunted?
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Were the Sets of Bin Roye Haunted?

Wait what?

At a recent press conference for Bin Roye in Dubai, veteran actor Javed Sheikh spilled the beans on the hard work put into filming Bin Roye. Not only did they deal with extreme temperatures, but also paranormal activity. "We think that the set was haunted, at night we would often hear a girl crying," said Sheikh, adding, ''Everyone was scared except Mahira, who would continue filming." 

He also told how the other leading lady Armeena Khan fainted on the set! "Armeena came from London and was not used to the 45 degree weather." Not only that, but the heat from the lights made it very overwhelming, and she fainted. Luckily there was no major damage, but clearly a lot of hard work and commitment has been put into this film. 

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