The Secret Behind Salman Khan's Wardrobe

The Secret Behind Salman Khan's Wardrobe

We have all the details!

Rumour has it that Salman Khan is quite fussy about the colours he wears. While he is usually spotted in black, white, blue or grey, a source close to the actor has revealed to us the quirky way in which Salman makes his wardrobe choices.

It is a known fact that the actor prefers wearing exclusives from his Being Human collection. However, it’s his colour choices that have left everyone in a fix. According to the source, rather than experimenting with different colours, Salman ends up bringing up similar looking four t-shirts of the same colour and forces others to believe that all four are not the same but different. He apparently differentiates each colour into many different versions, which makes him believe that the grey that he wore today is not the same as he wore the other day. Well this could be the reason why he is often spotted wearing similar looking shirts!

Another reason to his obsession with the same colour is because Sallu is allergic to polyester fabric. The source added that he sticks to comfort rather than style, even if people perceive it to be the same t-shirt. We definitely didn't know this about bhaijaan!