The 'Sanju' Effect: Will Bollywood Films Not Release on Thursday in the UAE?
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The 'Sanju' Effect: Will Bollywood Films Not Release on Thursday in the UAE?

Find out why filmmakers might take the decision to stop films releasing on Thursday!

It’s  been a tradition for Bollywood to make its presence felt in the UAE a day before a films release on Friday in India. As Friday is a  day of prayers  in Islamic countries  Thursday was the designated day for the release of Hindi films in the UAE. But, look like it won't be the case anymore! 

Sources say that the Mumbai film industry is on the verge  of promulgating a  new release-policy whereby Hindi films will no longer open in the Gulf and Middle Eastern countries on Thursday. Kicking off the change, this week’s big release Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju will not open in the Gulf region today (Thursday). A  source  close to the development explains, “At  the  moment  the decision to not release Hindi films in the Gulf on Thursdays  is  not  binding. But producers are seriously considering shutting down the  tradition  of  releasing  films in the  Gulf , as it  leads to rampant  piracy even before a  film is released worldwide.” Producer Pahlaj Nihalani who has served as  the  chairperson  of  the  Central Board  Of  Film Certification says  stopping the advance release of  Hindi films  in the UAE makes a lot of sense. “Most piracy and illegal  streaming takes place  from outside India.  Very recently a man was caught in Dubai live-stream  Rajinikanth’s Kaala. I think it would be  a wise decision to stop the Thursday release of Hindi films in  the UAE,Singapore and Malaysia.”

However  trade analyst Girish Johar thinks  it  imprudent  to shift the release in  the  Gulf from Thursday to Friday. “Thursday is like a Saturday for them in the UAE, so the business is generally higher on Thursday  than on  other days.  All BIG films have performed extremely well in the past even when released  on  Thursday. So by opting for a Friday release we consciously lose some percentage of the business. Making a conscious decision for a Friday release has to be a long and  well-planned one , as the audiences too have to be  introduced  and accustomed   to change their pattern of movie consumption so the loss if any is minimal.”

What are your thoughts on this possible change? 

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