The Salman Khan vs Akshay Kumar Eid 2020 Fight is Off!

Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar were supposed to hit the screens with 'Inshallah' and 'Sooryavanshi' respectively. But no more. Find out what happened
The Salman Khan vs Akshay Kumar Eid 2020 Fight is Off!
Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar

Salman Khan

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Salman Khan’s favourite period for film release is Eid and that’s no secret. Over the years, Salman has always had one big film releasing on the festival most of which have gone on to be huge box office hits. Even this year, he will be back with Bharat, co-starring Katrina Kaif. However next year, 2020 was going to be different.

This was because, Akshay Kumar was planning to hit the theatres with Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi. The much-awaited cop drama was touted to be a sure-fire blockbuster especially with Karan Johar backing it. But their plans hit a roadblock when Salman Khan announced Inshallah – his next big one with none other than Sanjay Leela Bhansali – would be released on Eid 2020.

Industry watchers said this clash would benefit no one though it remained to be seen who would blink first. It seems it’s Rohit Shetty who has decided to give in. According to reports, the big Eid clash of 2020 will not happen now. Director Rohit Shetty  is  “most likely” to call  off   his  plans to release Sooryavanshi  on the festival.

So it’s going to be an all-clear ‘open’ Friday  for Salman’s  Inshallah  which will see him co-star with Alia Bhatt for the first time. There are several other factors that make this film very special since it brings together Salman and Bhansali together after 19 years and it also comes as a truce after their earlier fallout.

According to a source close to the  development,  “Rohit and Akshay Kumar  announced their  Sooryavanshi first for Eid 2020. But now when Salman is coming on Eid with Inshallah there is no need for a clash. Sooryavanshi would easily find another release date. If Inshanallah were to be postponed, Salman’s fans would be upset.”