'The Riskiest Thing For Me is Doing a Boring, Normal Film': John Abraham in the UAE
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'The Riskiest Thing For Me is Doing a Boring, Normal Film': John Abraham in the UAE

The super hot actor talks cars, speeding and soccer with Masala! in Abu Dhabi

He walks onto the tracks at the Yas Marina circuit, Abu Dhabi, with a style and swagger that is uniquely John Abraham. But while everyone around is eager to mob him, the hunky star has eyes only for the sexy Nissan GT-R, probably itching to get his hands on the mean machine. Soon he is taken for a drive, the supercar vrooming on the circuit, disappearing in a matter of seconds. When he returns, the glint in his eyes is evident. And it’s not surprising considering his legendary love for bikes, cars, sports and films – not necessarily in that order.

“When you have grown up with the GT-R being called the ‘legend’, ‘Godzilla’ and a supercar killer, you wonder what the experience would be like,” John says. “But it’s only when you sit in one and that too, at a fantastic circuit like the Yas Marina, that you realise what a crazy experience it is,” he gushes. “It’s unbelievable! The way you are coming in at 250-300 km/hr and breaking around the apex, the way you are partly drifting and stepping on the gas when you have done the apex… it’s a beautiful experience and a great car!”

For speed junkies motorsports has an indescribable kick but for John, more than the sport per se, it’s the adrenalin rush that is exciting. “I am a total sports fanatic. I love football, motor GP, motor cycling… everything. If you see my films, most of them are action-based,” he reiterates.  So much so that even in a crowded, chaotic city like Mumbai, the actor makes sure he gets his fill of thrills. Digest this: whenever he needs that shot of adrenalin, John rides on the streets at 2am! “That’s the only time I get and there are lots of places in Mumbai to do it,” he laughs.

When not driving around, he indulges in his other big passion – football. As is well known, John has taken his passion to another level, especially with the ownership of the ISL League team, the North East United Football Club where his involvement goes way beyond being the celebrity owner. From selecting players to being active in matters of the team and tournaments, John is as hands-on as he could. Blame it on his Malayali connection (John is half Malayali and the popularity of the sport in Kerala needs no elaboration). “Oh yes, I am a proud Mallu,” he guffaws. “All my players are from the North East but my goalkeeper is a Malayali, and so is one of my partners George John. The other is a Tamilian, Jayabalan. I won’t forget my Mallu gene!”


This sports and action influence looms large on his upcoming films too. For now, the star is stationed in the UAE for Dhishoom (co-starring Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandes) and is also preparing for the release of his next, Rocky Handsome. Both are obviously high on action and adrenaline. John is especially excited about Rocky Handsome, his next home production. “The teaser has got an unbelievable response, the trade circle is more shocked because they didn’t expect this coming from John Abraham but I can assure you the film’s better than the teaser.” He refuses to divulge more information insisting we keep it for another day (which means another date with him, an exciting thought!).

But before he speeds off, we want to know what’s the biggest risk and adventure he has done - speeding in a supercar, performing a jaw-dropping scene in an action film or producing unconventional movies like Madras Café or Vicky Donor? Pat comes the reply, “The riskiest thing for John Abraham is doing a boring, normal film. The rest is easy. Acting, driving and owning a football team… they all come naturally.”


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