'The Response is Overwhelming': Meet Shikha Talsania, Veere Di Wedding's Meera
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'The Response is Overwhelming': Meet Shikha Talsania, Veere Di Wedding's Meera

Shika Talsania, daughter of veteran actor Tiku Talsania found a lot of appreciation for her role in the recently released Veere Di Wedding

She  made an impression way back in 2009 in Ayan Mukerjee’s Wake Up Sid where she played Ranbir’s  supportive pal grappling with her own problems. Ever since, it hasn’t been an easy  journey for Shikha Talsania. “I was  offered  quite a number of roles  but none that I wanted to  take on. They were largely  about being fat and eating non-stop, and so on,”  says  Shikha with a laugh.
Indian cinema has a certain of looking at actors who are over-sized. And Shikha was not willing to fall into that fat trap. “It was not easy to say no to  work. Because there are bills to pay, a household to  be run…plus, there is the hunger as an actor that eats into your self-confidence. No, it was  not easy to turn down work.”

But  Shikha stuck it  out.  The patience paid off. Today she is being hailed as a sizable talent. “How did I get Veere Di Wedding? (Producer) Rhea Kapoor knew me from  the  time I had done  Wake Up Sid. When this  part in Veere Di Wedding came up through (casting director) Aseem Chabria, I grabbed  it without a second thought. To me it was god-sent. It was  one  of  the four leads. And that  did it for me,” says Shikha. Curiously Shikha plays a married mother in Veere Di Wedding,  which for her  was a  first. “I am neither married nor am I  a  mother.  But my character Meera is someone I know well in real life. She is someone I  know well. As  today’s young urban women,  Kalindi (Kareena Kapoor Khan), Avni (Sonam Kapoor Ahuja), Sakshi (Swara Bhaskar) and my character Meera are eminently relatable. I think that’s what has worked for the  film.”

Shikha says she  is “shocked” by  the recognition that has  suddenly come her way.  “Shocked in a  good way. Though I haven’t been  out that much to see the reactions, the response to the  film and to me is overwhelming. I am so glad I waited  for Veere Di Wedding to happen. If I had done some  of the  other stuff offered to me, this may  not have come to me.”

Shikha, for those who came in late, is the daughter of the renowned comic actor Tiku Talsania whose virtuosity has dominated  Hindi cinema, television  and Mumbai theatre for decades. The one rule that father and  daughter Talsania agreed  to follow in  Shikha’s career was to never flaunt the family name. “When I  announced to  my parents  that I  want to be an actor they  were like, sure go out there and  do it on your own. I  never  brought up my father’s name  anywhere that I went looking  for work. Not  that I  hid  whose daughter I was. But both my father and I were  very clear that  I had to do this (find success as an actor) on my own,” says Shikha who one day hopes  to be on stage with her father .“We  haven’t  found anything suitable. But when It happens I’d be very nervous,” says  the doting daughter who is  the  portrait of self-confidence  in Veere Di Wedding.

What next? Sighs  Shikha, “It’s just been a few days  since  the  film’s release. Let’s see what comes my way. For now I am  committed on stage  with a play entitled Dekh Bahen which  is again a  very relatable slice-of-life  piece.”

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