The Real Reason Why Akshay Kumar Said No To The Gulshan Kumar Bio-pic

The Real Reason Why Akshay Kumar Said No To The Gulshan Kumar Bio-pic

Akshay was due to play the music mogul who was tragically gunned down

A lot of buzz was created when it was announced the Akshay Kumar had been signed to work on the biopic of the late T-series founder Gulshan Kumar who was gunned down rather tragically by the underworld in the 2000s. However just as suddenly it was said that Akshay had decided not to be a part of it. 

Was  it money  or was  it creative issues? Why did  Akshay Kumar suddenly decide to not do the Gulshan Kumar bio-pic that  the music moghul’s son  Bhushan Kumar is  so  keen to make?
There are  many theories doing the rounds.  But a reliable source close to the  project spills the beans. “The fault  lies clearly with director Subhash Kapoor who was asked to ready the script within a stipulated  time. Akshay had even set aside his dates accordingly. Since Subhash and  Akshay had worked  together so  well in Jolly LLB 2,  the team at T Series  was  sure the results would be fruitful.  But then Subhash didn’t have the script ready on time.”

When probed  further on why Kapoor couldn’t complete the script, the  source revealed, “It is not  entirely Subhash Kapoor’s fault. The  interviews with some of  the people Gulshan Kumar  knew closely didn’t materialize on time. Some of them said they  would speak later. Others  refused to meet Subhash pointblank. The reluctance  of  the interviewees to come on board caused a delay.Akshay likes all  his films to be completed within six months.Rather than wait he opted  out.”

It remains to be seen who will fit into Akshay's huge shoes.