The REAL Ranbir Kapoor – Arrogant or Indifferent?

The REAL Ranbir Kapoor – Arrogant or Indifferent?

A video did the rounds recently that showed Ranbir Kapoor being discourteous to a fan. But what triggered it? Subhash K Jha lays bare the real personality of the star based on his interactions with him

The most abused three words in the English dictionary are not ‘I Love You’. They are ‘I Don’t Care’. We use this phrase because we do. Care, I mean. And we want to show the world that we don’t. But Ranbir Kapoor is different. He genuinely doesn’t care what people think about him. In a day and age, when stars don’t move around without a publicist and when PR professionals and managers dictate their every move and word, Ranbir has no publicist till date. And he would rather undergo root-canal surgery than pay for his media coverage. He is a hugely entertaining conversationalist and during his Saawariya days, he would casually drop bombs about the biggest of names.

Sometimes, it would get us into embarrassing situations.

Once, he tipped me off about Uday Chopra directing Dhoom 3. When I broke the story, he said he was making it up. The next time he called one morning to say Salman and Shah Rukh had a huge fight at Katrina’s birthday party.  I refused to believe him. It turned out to be true.

Ranbir hasn’t changed much over the years. Call him arrogant or indifferent, Ranbir knows no other way to be. Recently, a video did the rounds where he’s shown to be exceedingly discourteous to his fan in Varanasi. But that should not surprise those who know Ranbir closely. He doesn’t make an attempt to behave one way or another with people. He behaves in whatever way he feels like without sugar-coating his responses for the sake of civility.

That poor fan, in Varanasi, whoever he might be, meant zilch to Ranbir’s life and he wasn’t at all shy of showing his indifference. That the fan sat at his feet is also in character. Ranbir doesn’t really have close friends (sorry, Ayan Mukerji, that’s the truth!). He is way too guarded to allow anyone access into his true feelings.

If it is any consolation to that fan in Varanasi, I want him to know that Ranbir didn’t mean to insult him. The abrasive behaviour is not put-on. He is not fake or like other stars who put on a show for the cameras. It is the way he is. Ranbir has zero-tolerance for people less intelligent than him. Unlike his peers, he cannot spend time trying to be nice to people who don’t matter to him (and that covers just about 99 percent of the world around Ranbir).

He once confessed to me that he found pleasantries and other social niceties to be an utter waste of time. In all the time that I knew him well, I never heard him say too many good things about anyone, and I am sure he has only contempt for me as well.

I can live with that. I just hope that fan in Varanasi feels the same way.