The Rebirth of Parineeti Chopra
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The Rebirth of Parineeti Chopra

The actress is on a losing spree...!

Ishaqzaade actress Parineeti Chopra's battle with the bulge has only just begun! While we mourn the loss of the cute, chubby girl-next-door, we're also quite impressed with this trimmer and fitter version of the actress. The happy-go-lucky actress, who earlier gave the impression that she wasn't too bothered with the weighty issues, seems to have succumbed to the lure of the size zero club. While we're happy with Pari's victory in conquering her weight and shedding the kilos, we do hope the girl doesn't lose that fresh appeal she brings on the screen with her acting abilities. 

As per a report in, the actress claims that she’s just half way through to her target and has much more weight to lose!  In an interview earlier this year, Parineeti confessed that she had consulted a physician because she was putting on weight despite workouts and healthy food habits (egg whites and protein diets). She then found out that she was allergic to certain food items and now that she’s avoiding those foods completely, she’s started to lose weight.  

We really are happy for you Parineeti, especially that you've taken a healthy approach to weight loss. Just don't go overboard and aspire for the cruel size zero stereotype image which heroines like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Anushka Sharma succumbed to, in the past!

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