The Rainforest

The Rainforest

Experience a hydrothermal bathing!

WHAT: A hydrothermal bathing experience.

WHERE: Banyan Tree Spa, Al Wadi, Ras Al Khaimah.

HOW LONG: 1 hour.

Dhs150 per person + service charges.

We were a little overwhelmed when we walked into the cavernous rainforest building. After changing into a bathing suit, I met my friend at the vitality pool. With a map we went through each of the 14 steps of the hydrothermal experience. The first step was the rain walk - I stood underneath lights, each of which emitted a different type of shower. Next, the sole therapy entailed walking through alternating hot and cool pools of water on cobbled floors. Despite each of the consequent rooms being numbered we did get a little confused as there are multiple rooms with the same number, owing to the large number of visitors, we are sure. The consequent steps included herbal sauna and steam rooms punctuated by the rejuvenating 'bucket drench' and the ice igloo - a frozen cavern where we closed our pores shut by rubbing ourselves with ice. After walking through the sole therapy, we had barely ten minutes left to enjoy the superb vitality pool - by far the best part of the experience. The entire pool is sectioned off into areas - hydraulics provide upper and lower body massages, a waterfall that soothes shoulder and neck muscles and more! Rush through the first fourteen steps to spend at least half an hour here. We wished we had longer.

THE RESULT: Soft skin, more energy and a glow.

MAINTENANCE: Go often for this entirely affordable experience. It's worth all the massages and facials in the world!

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