The Price of Being Salman Khan

As the actor gets convicted in the black buck case, Subhash K Jha looks at a star doesn't show his vulnerability to the world
The Price of Being Salman Khan

Five years  in  prison.  But wait. Are Salman  Khan and his fans grieving? If the verdict in the black buck case was meant to shake Salman Khan, then sorry, the shock treatment didn’t work. Salman apparently stood straight, looking unmoved as  the judge convicted him for  killing two black bucks  in  1998.

Three years ago Salman was acquitted  in the hit-and-run case by the Bombay Hight Court .The relief came 13 years of  wait for Salman and his family for the ordeal to end. True to character Salman  had shown no emotion when the honourable judge announced the acquittal. Again  the Mighty Khan stood unfazed as  he was convicted.

Says a buddy of the superstar, “That’s Salman for you. He won’t give anyone the benefit of seeing him vulnerable, not even the judge,  though he otherwise cries like a baby at the drop of a hat. In fact after the verdict, when the family rallied around him, Salman broke down and wept copiously.” Salman Khan won’t go to jail that easily. His fan base is confident that their Bhai can do no wrong.His  family is solidly behind him. Father Salim Khan and  brothers Sohail and Arbaaz have already started  to consult  a battery of lawyers  for  the  next level  of action. 

Personally, I’ve  never seen  Salman  shaken by anything . He is prone to  extremes  of emotions and he  will hate you for not hating those whom he hates. I remember a conversation with him in my hotel room at 2 am in February 2003 where he was extremely upset with his former girlfriend, the stunning beauty who had  broken up with him. Apparently, he blamed another superstar for  the  split. When I  refused  to agree with  Salman,  he got  upset, walked  out of my hotel room with a glass in his hand (Salman  drank non-stop  throughout the evening) his faithful bodyguard Shera behind him.

I’ve to  confess I was relieved to see him go at that  unearthly hour. But Salman was only pretending to be gone. He came back chuckling  like a child who has just been caught with his hand  in the candy jar. There is a child within Salman Khan that will never die. You tell that child to shut up, he will shout your roof down. You tell that child to go home,  he will stay in your house till the crack of dawn. You tell that child to  not shoot at an endangered species. You know what he  will do.

This is a tough situation  for Salman’s family and his  producers. Remo D’Souza’s Race 3 was  racing to  a finish. Now a  brake would have to be  applied.Another magnum  opus entitled  Bharat directed Ali Abbas Zafar with Salman was about to  go on the  floors  later this year.While Salman’s buddy Sajid Nadiadwala was planning Kick 2.

I guess God had planned  another kick altogether.Milte hai, break ke baad.