The Power of 3: Trishala, Athiya & Tina

In the last few weeks, a whole new generation of star kids have started making waves. We tell you what Trishala Dutt, Athiya Shetty and Tina Ahuja game plan is
The Power of 3: Trishala, Athiya & Tina

Guess who the latest queen on Instagram is? None other than a star kid who is unlike any other – Sanjay Dutt’s daughter from his first marriage, Trishala. Not much was known about her until she gave a heartfelt interview to a newspaper on the occasion of Father’s Day on her dad, her Bollywood leanings and life lessons. At the same time, there was another star daughter who has finally started making the right moves – Govinda’s daughter rechristened as Tina, is in the news for her debut film that will hit the theatres next week. And then there is Athiya Shetty, Suniel Shetty’s daughter who has made the industry sit up and take notice ever since she appeared in a hot photoshoot for a lifestyle magazine with none other than Salman Khan! So who are these three girls who have suddenly started making waves? We introduce you to the three hotties who, mark our words, will soon be sizzling on the tabloids!


The sudden discovery and popularity of 25-year old Trishala among Bollywood fans has come as a bit of a surprise. Daughter of Sanjay and his first wife Richa Sharma (who died of cancer in the early ‘90s), Trishala has been raised in the US by her mother’s family. There would be news about her on the rare occasions when she came to Mumbai and there were even reports about how she had started bonding with Sanjay’s current wife Manyata Dutt. Some reports even suggested that Trishala was interested in a Bollywood career but Sanjay himself shot down the suggestion in interviews. But in the last few weeks, especially after her Father’s Day interview was published, there has been a renewed interest in Trishala and her life, away from Bollywood.

As it turns out, Trishala has plans for everything except the film industry. The young woman has already made a career in the beauty industry in the US and is the founder of DreamTresses Hair Extensions. Interestingly she has managed to notch up quite a huge number of fans on Instagram where she has a following of nearly 40,000. An entrepreneur, she has worked quite hard to be where she is.

Trishala hasn’t had the easiest of childhood. After losing her mother early on, she had to bear the trauma of seeing her dad go from one crisis to another. It was said that she was quite a party goer and loved partying wildly with friends. But she has always been a fashion freak and has actually gone from being fat to fit, losing a lot of weight and transforming herself completely. Right now, she looks totally in control of her life. “I never wanted to be like other ‘star children’ and piggyback on the family name….I really respect actors who worked hard and made it on their own, without the help from anyone else…I believe in building a solid empire with my name on it,” she was quoted as saying in the recent interview.

Those who know Trishala say she is quite down-to-earth and hardworking. Her father wasn’t around when she was growing up but she is quite close to him. Right now though, she is extremely focused on her business. Another Ekta Kapoor in the making?


Last week a newcomer started getting a lot of attention – Tina Ahuja. Her movie Second Hand Husband was up for release and the youngster, like any other newbie was excitedly giving sound bytes. But she looked familiar and a closer look revealed who she was – Govinda’s daughter Narmada who has got a fresh lease of life through this movie.

This young lady has had quite a journey in Bollywood. She has been trying to bag a film for the longest time but has been particularly unlucky. There was also a bit of a controversy when Salman (the fairy godfather for all newcomers) reportedly chose to promote Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter Sonakshi, signing her up for Dabangg while ignoring Narmada despite his friendship with Govinda. It was said that Govinda  and Salman even had a bit of a rift because of that. However recently Narmada put those rumours to rest saying that Salman was a dear family friend and he was not expected to launch her. We believe her.

 A while back Narmada even did what most people do, to push their luck – change the way her name is spelt. So she came to be known as  Narmmaaddaa or some such weird combination of alphabets. Unfortunately, even that didn’t work. Now, she has made a reappearance as Tina and finally has a film that will release next week. Frankly, it hasn’t generated interest (her co-stars are Gippy Grewal and Dharamendra) but the box office is unpredictable, isn’t it? Will Tina be lucky where Narmada wasn’t?


That Athiya Shetty, daughter of Suniel Shetty, is making her debut opposite Aditya Pancholi’s son Sooraj is old news. The strikingly beautiful Athiya had piqued the media’s interest a long while ago. However, the world started looking at her in a different way after she appeared on the cover of a magazine with none other than Salman Khan. As is well known, Salman is a good friend of dad Suniel and has been a mentor-of-sorts to Athiya. Incidentally, the film Hero is being produced by Salman, so naturally he watches out for her.  The young Ms Shetty has so far been keeping a rather low profile given that she has been unwittingly drawn into a controversy because of her co-star Sooraj (he was arrested for his alleged involvement in the Jiah Khan suicide case). But in her recent interviews and rare media interactions, she comes across as a very assured young woman. Expect her to dominate the headlines and make a lot of splash especially when nearing the release of the movie. She recently also did a steamy shoot for another film magazine with her co-star Sooraj.