The Other Side of Farah Khan
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The Other Side of Farah Khan

Whoever said she is bossy might want to think twice

Farah Khan is really quite a darling and those who think she comes across as bossy should think twice! We recently spotted her at a suburban salon in Juhu, where she was getting her hair done. Apparently, she was accompanied by her house help (that’s our guess from the lady’s appearance and behaviour). So while Farah was getting all spruced up, she was generous enough to ask the girl whether she would like to have her hair trimmed or probably get a blow-dry! The girl politely said no.

That’s not all, Farah saw to it that the girl was treated well and insisted that one of the salon employees give her a manicure. When Farah’s hairstylist asked about the occasion for this, Farah said, “She is always there for me. Hands-on! So, I think she deserves it!” Isn’t that sweet?

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