The Mystery ‘Love Interest’ in Rahul Gandhi’s Biopic, 'My Name Is Raga'

Who could be the mystery woman shown in Rahul Gandhi’s biopic, ‘My Name is Raga’?
The Mystery ‘Love Interest’ in Rahul Gandhi’s Biopic, 'My Name Is Raga'
Rahul Gandhi and a still from his biopic, 'My Name Is Raga'

From the trailer of My Name is Raga the verdict is clearer than a day: the film appears to be more of a caricature than an actual biopic. Director Rupesh Paul has spoken about the film saying that film has ‘no intentions to glorify Rahul or demystify him'. It seems to do neither as the film’s trailer received some epic social media responses and reactions from the critic circles. Rupesh adds that he doesn’t want to “call this a biopic”. He says, “it’s a story of any man who becomes unstoppable after he wins over a catastrophic life.” Sure, Rupesh, but maybe you could have done a better job at it? So far it looks like the scenes are really badly joined together and even the dubbing seems off.

In the trailer, Raju Kher, who is Anupam Kher’s brother, repeats Anupam’s get up (and even his tone of voice) as seen in The Accidental Prime Minister to act as Manmohan Singh. Towards the end of the teaser, Rahul Gandhi is seen with an unidentified young woman who claims that she loves him. Rahul winks – or at least attempts to – and grins as they laugh together. It seems to be an intimate moment and she does appear to be a love interest.

Could it be rumoured girlfriend Aditi Singh? Last year there were many rumours on social media about MLA Aditi Singh, which Singh subsequently denied. Rahul was also known to date a girl called Veronique Cartelli in his days at Cambridge but the woman in My Name is Raga speaks fluent Hindi and resembles Aditi more than Veronique.

Here’s the teaser of the film. Make the judgments yourself.