The Most Expensive Indian Dinner Ever? All About The Dhs 7,300 Menu

The Most Expensive Indian Dinner Ever? All About The Dhs 7,300 Menu

You'll have to fly to Jumeirah Vitavellli's 5-star property in Maldives for this lavish meal
The Most Expensive Indian Dinner Ever? All About The Dhs 7,300 Menu
An aerial view of Swarna at Jumeirah Vitavelli

You’ll definitely feel the pinch on the pocket after this meal! Swarna, an Indian restaurant at Jumeirah Vitavelli in Maldives just launched what they call is the most expensive Indian menu in the world! The menu, Gold at Swarna, has 15 courses and – surprise, surprise – features edible gold as an essential ingredient in each of its dishes. It also costs a whopping $2000 or Dhs 7,346 per person – that’s about INR 130,860 (our wallets feel lighter just thinking about it).

The opulent experience begins as you are collected from your villa at the hotel in a darban, a gold buggy royal escort. You will be then escorted to your luxurious cabana, where you will be given the opportunity to wear a traditional Indian outfit. There are only three of these open-air dining cabanas in a Maharaja-style garden, which look out over serene blue waters. 

The open-air dining cabana at Swarna. 

You will be greeted by the Chef de Cuisine, Bharat Kapoor, who will talk you through the lavish 15 course menu. Ingredients, says the resort, are painstakingly selected on trips to India, and only spices available from India have been used to preserve authenticity.

The Chef’s Table at Swarna

So what’s on the menu that makes it THIS expensive?

It features exotic sounding dishes such as Blood Orange Soup with gold coated Himalayan Pink Salt and Rose Gold coated Lamb Patty served over Bread from the inverted grill touched with gold. Below are just some of the other dishes you’ll get to taste in this Dhs 7,300 dinner. 

Kanak Galouti

Khad Ka Khargosh

Petit Fours

Kundan Kaliyan

Sunahare Moti

We can’t say anything about the taste, but they’re definitely a feast for the eyes!

The cherry on the cake? There’s a lovely shaded outdoor swing over an artificial pond for you to relax in after your sumptuous dinner. 

Swing over an artificial pond at Swarna 

Would you shell out Dhs 7346 for this grand menu? With a 15 course menu, you’ll leave with your stomach full, and your wallet a great deal lighter!